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Founded by Ben Gotting and Dave Thomas, The Foundry is a results-driven fitness concept offering classes and small group personal training.

The Foundry gives everyone the opportunity to be trained and treated like a professional athlete within a team environment, not just the 100 plus Olympic and international sportsmen and sportswomen who have trained with our world-class coaches.

The Foundry's call to action "Where The Strong Belong". is an attitude - members and guests are strong in mind, strong in body, and strong in commitment.


Our mission is to be the most inclusive, community-minded fitness company and charity in the UK. We live by this credo, and value mental health and wellbeing as much as a great deadlift or deep squat.

We recognise it can be a bit intimidating walking into a gym which includes international rugby players and Olympians amongst its team and members...but you don't need to be physically strong to start at The Foundry. We are proud to have non-threatening environments with world class coaches and a great, fun vibe.

The Foundry isn't interested in short-term, dramatically staged pictures - we work as hard as you on your training and nutrition to help you create a sustainable lifestyle and overall health and happiness, in body and in mind.

Everyone at The Foundry is part of the family and commited to making sure there is "No One Left Behind".


Dave Thomas

Over the last decade, Dave has accumulated over 10,000 personal training hours with a diverse range of clients, from young offenders to professional athletes and celebrities.

As a founding trustee of Sky Sports’ School Of Hard Knocks, and also as the driving force behind our own charity arm, Dave really represents everything it means to be a member of The Foundry family.

A highly-regarded authority on all things health and fitness, Dave also writes a weekly column for The Telegraph where he finally gets to use his Philosophy degree in the ‘real world'.

Dave also delivers training at Old Street, where his Belinda Carlisle playlists are more motivating than you’d initially expect.

Ben Gotting

The Gottfather is our Head of Delivery, ensuring all programmes and trainers operate at a level befitting "one of the best gyms in the world".

Having spent 10 years playing top-flight Rugby, winning both European and domestic trophies with London Wasps, Ben knows exactly how to build the team environment that is a key component in achieving fast, safe, and long-lasting results.

Ben splits his time between Vauxhall and Old Street, where he not only oversees the trainers but also delivers some of the most acclaimed classes in London.

As one of the UK’s most respected strength, and conditioning experts, Ben is regularly featured in leading publications where he almost never mentions his professional rugby career...


We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but The Foundry's team is unique within the industry. Recruited from professional sport, and under the tutelage of Ben Gotting, everyone is hired for their coaching ability, team ethos, and work ethic.

Unlike most other gyms, our trainers are full-time employees at The Foundry. So not only do they deliver elite training, but they are the faces you will see every time you visit.

This mixture of expert knowledge and friendly personalities, who understand first-hand the power of team training, are the reason The Foundry's team stands out... both physically and metaphorically!

The Foundry also hosts special events in partnership with some of the hottest class trainers in London including Laura Hoggins, Will McLaren and others.

Francis Bramble

The baby of the team, Framble's cheery personality, hard work and high-quality coaching rubs off on everyone who trains with him.

Working at both the Old Street and Vauxhall sites, his passion is helping people achieve thing they thought impossible. His renowned HANG callisthenics class will have you moving your body in fun and new ways (which gravity probably never intended).

Due to his all-round sporting prowess (obstacle course racing, athletics, and football), Francis literally NEVER goes out. Rumour has it that once in 2004 he went out for a ’couple of beers' and nearly brought London to its knees.

Jason Fox

Jase, as we imaginatively refer to him, is the Lead Coach at Old Street - pulling the strings day-to-day, motivating people, and having a lot of fun.

The original "baby-faced bicep assassin”, Jason has 10 years coaching experience, and has travelled Europe learning from some of the leading experts in the industry.

Passionate about sport, Jason’s background is semi-professional football and athletics. Having recently taken up golf, he claims you can master the entire game just using YouTube videos.

The victorious team captain at our inaugural Fun & Gains competition, rumour has it he takes the prestigious golden tyre everywhere.

Mark Ireland

Another former Rugby professional, Mark played at Wasps with Ben and Ali and enjoyed a successful career tearing up defences both domestically and whilst based in France.

Following retirement, Mark is now an in-demand personal trainer and class instructor, splitting his time between both the Vauxhall and Old Street gyms.

The rest of The Foundry team believe Mark's head is one of the few natural landmarks you can see from space.

Gus McKay

Gus, or Angus as he prefers to be called, has had a remarkable journey through the ranks. Previously a member, he interned at The Foundry after training as a Royal Marine, and demonstrated the drive and determination that saw him take The Foundry Youth Academy Team to the final of the Nike Metcon 4.0 launch competition.

Angie then became our community coach before stepping up to a full-time coaching role in 2018. He has quickly become one of the highest ranked trainers in London renowned for his creative programming and professionalism. Give it another year and he’ll probably have Ben’s job.

Shirley Darlington

Shirley is a movement and strength coach who is passionate about helping people to move pain-free, grow stronger and feel more confident about themselves in and out of the gym.

An avid weightlifter and sprinter, Shirley is always dabbling in new sports and experiences to discover more about herself and her potential as an athlete and a coach. She has more than a decade of Parkour experience and has travelled to more than twenty countries to deliver seminars and workshops in this field.

Shirley reached the semi-finals of Ninja Warrior UK in 2015 and was one of ten international athletes selected to compete in the Spartan X TV show in 2016.

As a mother of two, Shirley also has a great interest in helping pregnant women continue their training journey before and after birth and she has recently become a certified BirthFit coach. Shirley can neither confirm nor deny that she is actually a ninja…

Dan Pearse

Dan is a human Performance Coach who puts a huge emphasis on correct mechanics and kinematics, helping people improve their alignment and reduce pain/injury. This allows for pain free, efficient movement; perfect for building strength #WhereTheStrongBelong.

As a schoolboy Dan played football at Charlton for 4 years and then 4 years at AFC Wimbledon. If you fancy a weekend Bovril and meat pie you can still catch Dan playing semi-professional now.

Dan has travelled extensively around the world investing in his education to further his knowledge and skill-set.

His SWEAT classes inevitably take the form of a competition...with occasional prizes for winning teams! Dan has the distinction of being the only staff member to eat a whole tablespoon of horseradish at his first Foundry do mistaking it for hummus.

Guest Services

Brigitta Tuba

Originally from Hungary, Brigitta found London via Italy and fell in love (with the city we hasten to add). On a life-changing holiday to to Thailand (noticing a theme?) Brigitta realised she needed a change and lost 3 stone in 18 months before seeking an opportunity in the fitness industry.

She also brings a wealth of front of house experience including working for one of the city's largest casinos.

Nastassaja Robinson

After a life-changing yoga trip to India Stass made the decision to follow her passion for fitness. She brings lots of boutique customer services experience and has recently passed her yoga instructor qualifications.

Stass hates her photograph taken so much we suspect she may be a vampire.