Telegraph Feature: ‘Is 60 the danger zone for women’s health?’

Our founding director Jean-Claude shares his insight in the latest Telegraph article on healthy ageing for women. The article followed Anthea Turner’s alarming description of her 60’s as “the danger zone of life” during a TV appearance on Lorraine, stating that “60 is not the new 50, if we are truthful to ourselves.”

Is your 60’s really the ‘danger zone’?

While all the stats show we are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, 60 is the age when things can start to go downhill, if we’re not careful. For women in particular the risks of heart disease jump after the menopause, as they lose the protective effect of oestrogen on their arteries.

Our founder JC shares his expert advice in the article: –

“The best thing you can do for your health at 60 is get fit in your 50s. But assuming you haven’t done that, you need to keep moving. You need to do something for your heart, whether that’s walking the dog or going for a jog; you need something for structural health like Pilates, or yoga, or weight training and you need to do something to stay connected, which could mean doing a class. Social connection is a big part of staying healthy for the over-60s, especially with the Covid temptation to isolate.

Exercise also releases BDNF, the growth hormone for the brain, which might explain why it can help reduce risk of dementia. Assuming you haven’t done anything before, Vacassin recommends starting with three sessions a week. “The rules don’t really change with age,” he says. Fast walking will do the trick if you don’t like jogging”.

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