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Foundry: where everyone can belong

The best version of yourself is waiting

Forget gym cliques. Foundry is a space for anyone.

An active community where everyone is made to feel like they belong. All you need to start is the right mindset and the willingness to hit the ground running. We’ll take care of the rest.

Ready? Our personal trainers are ready to educate, inspire and empower you.

This is… Where you belong.

stronger together at foundry

where… we are stronger, together

Our mantra is “where the strong belong”. But that doesn’t mean you have to be strong to get in the door. Strength at Foundry is a mindset. It’s about the stamina to juggle everyday life and still keep up your routine.

The motivation that comes from knowing your team mates are waiting and counting on you. And the sense of belonging that only comes from being a part of the Foundry collective.

anything is possible at foundry

where… anything is possible

You don’t have the luxury to be here all day every day. You have other stuff to do. We get it. So, we make every training session and every second count.

You choose a timetable that works for you. We deliver the best 50 minutes possible and the kind of feel-good gym escapism that powers you through the day.

everyone is an individual at foundry

where… you’re a name not a membership number

Think you’re not a gym person? Think again. Foundry isn’t your average gym. And membership means more than a new card in your wallet.

We’ll introduce you to your own team from the start. And give you a personal evaluation to help point you in the right direction.

So, you get the friendly support and communal spirit of group training and the switched-on personal focus you need to succeed.

workouts at foundry

where… workouts never feel like work

We can’t promise your training will be easy, but we’ll go out of our way to make sure it’s never a chore. The key lies in the way we do fitness.

By working collectively and not competitively, we keep the most challenging sessions enjoyable.

And while there’s no place for gym bores and egos, there’s always room for fun, laughs and high fives when it’s all over.

Challenge us. Challenge yourself.

Join our 21 day challenge

There’s only one way to experience Foundry – give it a go.

Our 21 Day Challenge lets you experience our training programmes, feel what it’s like to be part of our community and work alongside our professional coaching team to get the best from every session.

What’s included:

A personalised evaluation
Access to our Small-Group Personal Training
Unlimited group classes

All for only £179

Real results. Real energy. Real motivation.

We know how hard it is to jump into a new routine, when you’re short on time and energy, and feel like you don’t really fit in. Foundry is designed for real people and hectic lifestyles. So, it’s endlessly flexible and truly motivational.

From the beginning, you’ll feel like you belong and get everything you need to keep turning up, achieve lasting results and leave feeling incredible every time.

Real People, Real Results - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Friendly people. Focused personal training.

Focused Personal Training - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

We’re here to have fun, that’s a fact. But there’s also a real science behind our approach. Our personal trainers are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards through our Foundry Academy to deliver the best Small-Group Personal Training sessions in the world.

The bottom line is we know training inside out. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, our people will be on hand to guide you and power you forward. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy the ride.

Let’s go

We know you’ll fit in at Foundry, but don’t take our word for it.

Take our 21 Day Challenge and experience the feeling for yourself.