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Small-group personal training. Big on community spirit.

How can it be personal, if it’s not one-to-one? It’s no secret, individual coaching provides the tailored approach and personal attention you need to achieve results faster, in a safer way. But, what if you could get the same high-quality coaching and same focus with the added motivation of a fun class dynamic? 

Welcome to Small-Group Personal Training (SGPT): the best of both worlds and the foundation our core programme is built upon.

Motivational. Flexible. Sustainable

SGPT is no fad. We’ve been developing our method for ten years. In fact, we were the first gym group in the UK to adopt this innovative approach, and we’ve seen it working every day.

Designed to make workouts dynamic and keep you coming back for more, SGPT provides all the building blocks of long-term fitness. To begin with, it’s more cost-effective than one-to-one personal training. And because we run sessions every hour, you’re more likely to find a slot that works for you.

All of this adds up to a fitness regime you’re more likely to stick at. And that can only be a good thing.

Individually tailored. Collectively motivated.

Small Group Personal Training - Individually Tailored - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Your fitness goals are unique. Our trainers work hard to listen, help you set your objectives, map a clear path to get you there and stand side-by-side with you until you reach the finish line.

Our gym is set up for it. Our team are trained for it. And this is what we do best. If you still have doubts, try it for yourself. You’ll soon discover why Foundry membership is a no brainer.

Where the successful belong

“So far, the experience has been great trainers, good location and great equipment. I love the programming and I love the music!!! They know your name from the first time you arrive, It’s incredible. Highly recommend joining!”

“There is nothing quite like the sense of accountability and motivation that comes with committing to a fitness programme. Want to get strong? Head over to Foundry, a strength-training facility with 5 central London locations.”

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