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More support. More energy. More confidence.

Strengthen your mind and body and boost your confidence with our tailored fitness programmes for women.

Some gyms don’t get it. Women are not just small men. Women’s fitness needs to consider what makes you unique, maximise your potential, help you focus on recovery and enable you to understand your body better, to unlock more energy.

For many years, women were bombarded with fitness trends and gimmicks that promised quick fix results, without giving an understanding of how to sustainably manage your body to look good and feel your best. 

At Foundry, you won’t find fads or overnight fixes. All we care about is getting you the results you want and a stronger, healthier body. Whether you want to complete a fixed number of sessions per week, or achieve body competition goals, we’ll help you get there. 

For us, it’s all about empowerment, celebrating what your body can do and feeling your best. With our friendly, close-knit community and the support of our personal trainers, you’ll hit your physical goals, smash your personal barriers and come out the other side with a new zest for life.

Equal but not the same

Unique Women's Personal Fitness Training - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Why do we make a distinction between men and women? It’s a valid question, especially when many of our female members can out-lift the guys (genuinely.) Our fundamental approach is basically the same for everyone, but men and women’s needs and goals can vary, so we modify things accordingly.

Of course, in reality, every programme is unique because we tailor each one to suit individual fitness levels and personal targets.

“The sense of community at strength training massive The Foundry is what sets it apart from its competitors. Whether you’re taking part in the gym’s famed fitness classes or a personal training sesh, trust us when we say you’ll feel more motivated than ever before.”

Women’s Health, The best gyms in London. 28/01/22.

Proven programmes for real results

Proven Women's Personal Fitness Training Programmes - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

You’ll follow a full-body program with a healthy dose of resistance training, working with your own bodyweight and then progressing to using external load, with kettlebells, dumbbells, cables and barbells.

Needless to say, recovery and nutrition also play a massive part in your overall wellness and you’ll get plenty of expert advice on that. In fact, all the support you need is right here.

Discover another kind of strength

Women's Strength Personal Fitness Training - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

‘Strong’ means more than bench pressing at Foundry. Our fitness programmes are designed to strengthen your mind and body, and bring benefits you might not expect – like changing the way you feel about yourself and about life.

Our full-time members often say they feel more resilient and empowered, and better able to handle stress. Some even say they feel more alive. Ready to handle what the day throws at you?

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