Foundry is a gym designed for anyone who wants to work out in an environment free from egos, posers or pressure. 

It’s a friendly community of like-minded people who work together, improve together and support each other. And it’s a revelation for anyone looking for a different fitness journey.

With no judgement and no numbers to hit, you can just turn up and work out. And you never have to do it on your own. Your own gym crew and a dedicated team of personal trainers are always on hand to motivate you, celebrate your achievements and stop everyday training from becoming a chore.

No intimidation. No pressure.
No one is left behind.

Sticking to a new fitness regime is half the battle. If your gym is intimidating or uninspiring, you’re more likely to quit. Foundry replaces competitiveness with teamwork to create a space that inspires you to go the distance.

Gyms that Encourage You - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

We surround you with the right people, place you in the hands of experienced coaches and give you all the encouragement you need to grow. Trust us, once you become part of the Foundry collective, you’ll never miss another session.

We’ve got your back

Strong workouts. Stronger team spirit.

We’re here to support you when you’re struggling, cheer you on when you’re winning, stretch your abilities and share every moment. Together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Long-lasting results

We don’t promise quick wins or short-term gains. We want to inspire you to train well today, tomorrow and for years to come. However, if you want to focus on something specific – like nutrition – we can help with that too. 

Endless energy

In the wrong hands, fitness can be overly serious, prescriptive and judgemental, but not at Foundry. We love what we do and it shows. The positivity in our community is infectious. Add the best workout music, compelling challenges and endless banter, and it’s easy to see why our invigorating group sessions and Small-Group Personal Training sessions make everyday fitness so much fun.

An approach over 10 years in the making

When we started over a decade ago, gyms were all about bright lights, music, machines, merchandise, posing and power shakes. And the worst thing about it was that members were taking second place. People joined, got bored or intimidated, left, and never went back. It wasn’t for us. So, there was only one thing to do: set about completely turning the fitness business model on its head.

The Foundry started in an old school sports hall in Vauxhall, with minimal equipment, some really extreme green walls, and a passion for bringing together people through fitness. 

Professional rugby player Ben, Founder of Foundry, had already helped Wasps win the Heineken Cup. Nine knee surgeries later, he wanted to find a way to train, without the stress of regular workouts.

In came modified strongman training, an efficient way to train, develop strength, build cardiovascular fitness, in a fun team environment, and get everything you need to push that extra mile.

Foundry became famous for cutting through the gym noise, doing something that felt authentic and prioritising real people, real connections and real results.

Fast forward to today and with four further gyms under our belts, in Old Street, Bank, Richmond and North Kensington, we’re just as committed to helping people fulfil their fitness journey as ever.

A word from our founders

Our Mission at Foundry Personal Training Gyms

“We set out to reinvent what it means to be a gym. Our mission: to create an inclusive, customer-centric experience that focused purely on helping our members enjoy their gym experience. And more than a decade later, this mission still holds true. Trends have come and gone; we’ve grown, improved, and adapted. Ultimately, we want our members to thrive – and everything we do is a reflection of that.


“When Foundry started, the goal was to create a feeling of being a part of something, like an old school sports club. I wanted a place where regardless of their training experience, members felt like they belonged; felt safe and were known by the people that joined them during their training sessions. Gyms typically feel like intimidating places. Foundry strives to remove all fear. And make every rep, pull-up, press and squat feel fun.”

Ben Gotting

Our Goals at Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Meet the foundry team

Meet The Team at Foundry Personal Training Gyms

We pride ourselves on delivering the best 50 minutes of your day. To make sure you leave our gym ready for whatever life throws at you, all our personal trainers go through the Foundry Academy’s rigorous training and continued professional development. Like we said earlier, we’ve got your back.