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Strength in Numbers

Group classes at Foundry are anything but generic. High on energy. Heavy on community, our award-winning approach brings you fad-free, feel-good training that ticks all your programme boxes.

With the best coaches in London on our team, we know what works and how to help you get the most out of each 45-minute session. And whatever your ability, their expertise and the Foundry collective around you will help you get through.

If you’re looking for high energy, genuine results and fist bumps, this is the place to be.

We’re stronger together

It’s a fact; we push harder in a group setting than we do on your own, especially under the watchful eyes of your coach. However, there’s more to our classes than big grins and banter.

Each energy-boosting session is designed to build on the gains you make in your SGPT programme, ramp up your fitness and take you further on your fitness journey.

Whether you choose STRONG, SWEAT, HYBRID or BUILD & BURN, you’re guaranteed an uplifting atmosphere, exhilarating workouts and genuine team spirit.


High Intensity Gym Classes - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

High intensity classes are our strong point. We were one of the first to bring modified strongman routines used in World’s Strongest Woman and Man competitions to the gym floor, and we genuinely do it best.

Featuring equipment such as logs, sandbags and sleds, our strength classes kickstart fat loss and add real muscle to your fitness programme. It’s time to get STRONG. Genuinely accessible for all levels of experience, and nowhere near as intimidating as you may believe!


Aerobic Energy Classes - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

The very best in erg-based aerobic energy system workouts. Using a mixture of cardio kit and body weight movements, it’s designed to help you work up a sweat and improve your fitness.

Expect to feel your heart pumping and lungs working in this high energy class. But remember, you don’t need to be fit to get fit; everyone starts where they are, and effort is celebrated. Bring it on!


Hybrid Gym Classes - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

The best of both worlds! A fusion of movement and cardiovascular strength training methods that will get your muscles, heart and lungs working hard in a challenging  but fun circuit style class.

Expect to work at your peak intensity for shorter intervals using the ergs as well as other favourite gym tools such as kettlebells and dumbbells. With timed sets and personal focus, the sessions are tailored to your ability and fitness goals.

Build & Burn

Build & Burn Gym Classes - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Maximise your fitness, muscle shape and tone with this intensive aerobic resistance training class. Featuring a combination of higher repetition movements and cardio bursts, these sessions are ideal for toning the upper body, building lean muscle and improving fitness levels.

21 Day Gym Class Challenge - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Belong to the future of fitness

We’ve all been to those gyms. The intimidating ones. The serious ones. The cliquey ones. Foundry is nothing like that. It’s friendly, positive, communal and focussed on what you want and need. And if you’re not super fit already, it’s ok. With our expertise and the support of the Foundry collective, you soon will be.