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20 Things to Avoid for Optimal Health

Not sure where we lifted this from (was a while back), but some things that most of us could change pretty easily.

Most of them are fairly obvious, we just get into certain habits!  Might be worth trying to cut as many out as you can over time….?

Things to Avoid for Optimal Health

  1. Don’t eat commercially processed foods such as biscuits, cakes, crackers, TV dinners, soft drinks, packaged sauce mixes, etc.
  2. Do not eat breakfast cereals.
  3. Avoid all refined sweeteners such as sugar, dextrose, glucose and high fructose corn syrup.
  4. Avoid white flour, white flour products and white rice.
  5. Avoid all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats and oils.
  6. Avoid all vegetable oils made from soy, corn, safflower, canola or cotton seed.
  7. Do not use polyunsaturated oils for cooking, sautéing or baking.
  8. Avoid fried foods.
  9. Do exclude animal products; they provide vital nutrients not found in plant foods.
  10. Avoid pasteurised milk; do not consume low fat milk, skim milk, powdered milk or imitation milk products.
  11. Avoid battery-produced eggs and factory-farmed meats.
  12. Avoid highly processed luncheon meats and sausage containing MSG and other additives.
  13. Avoid rancid and improperly prepared seeds, nuts and grains found in granolas, quick rise breads and extruded breakfast cereals, as they block mineral absorption and cause intestinal distress.
  14. Avoid canned, sprayed, waxed, bio-engineered or irradiated fruits and vegetables.
  15. Avoid artificial food additives, especially MSG, hydrolysed vegetable protein and aspartame, which are neurotoxins. Most soups, sauce and broth mixes and commercial condiments contain MSG, even if not so labelled.
  16. Avoid aluminium-containing foods such as commercial salt, baking powder and antacids.
  17. Do not use aluminium cookware or aluminium-containing deodorants.
  18. Do not drink fluoridated water.
  19. Avoid synthetic vitamins and foods containing them.
  20. Do not use a microwave oven.

We help our members with a nutritional programme that works for them, if you’re struggling, give us a shout at one of our personal training gyms in London and we’ll help you work out a plan that suits you.

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