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4 Simple Ways to Cut Calories This Summer

With summer fast approaching, its the time of year when people tend to ramp up their training and tighten up on the diet to be in better shape for that holiday in the sun.

It’s only natural that you want to be comfortable to wear your swim gear on the beach or by the pool without feeling like you’re carrying some extra pounds.

To lose body fat you need to create a calorie deficit over the space of a week. You can do this through exercise, counting calories or simply by making tweaks to your diet by replacing high calorie foods with better options.

Looking at your diet there’s probably a lot of empty calories with zero nutrition we can cut out and swap out for better options. These empty calories can add up over the week, a lot of the time it’s these extra calories we don’t realise we are consuming that can halt our results.

Here are 4 examples of food and drink we consume regularly to watch out for, they can all easily be swapped for better options to get you in better shape this summer.


We all love a cup of coffee, but some types are particularly no good for you if you are trying to lose weight. Lattes, flat whites, mochas all contain high amounts of dairy and sugar and are 120 odd calories a cup.

This might not sound like much but let’s say you have 2 cups a day, multiplied by 7 days a week… do the math!

It’s fine to be included in your diet but try switching to the low calorie option of a black Americano or green tea which are only around 15 calories a cup.


Everyone knows booze is no good for you if you’re trying to be in shape…!

You want to have the balance to be able to enjoy a social drink once in a while without piling on the pounds. You can limit the damage by drinking responsibly and also making better choices.

Beer is calorie heavy at 250-300 cals a pint. You can now get light beers in most pubs at half the amount of calories. Cocktails and spirits with pop mixers are also highly calorific and filled with sugar.

Instead opt to drink spirits with soda and fresh lime for some flavour. Another option is a few glasses of prosseco – not too bad at 90cals a glass.


Meat and poultry are a key part of many people’s diet and a great source of protein. Some cuts can be fatter than others though, so you want to go for the leaner options here.

Breasts are the best part of chicken. Avoid thighs and legs which are fattier. If you’re eating beef the sirloin steak is the leanest cut compared to a ribeye or rump. Lamb and pork are naturally high in fat so eat these sporadically if you want to save on the calories.


Although perceived as healthy, fruit juices are very processed. Many of the bottled drinks we buy in supermarkets contain a load of added flavouring and sugar. These liquid calories can quickly stack up if you’re having a couple glasses of orange juice each day.

Instead, drink water or try making your own juice or smoothie with fresh fruit. This way you save on the calorie intake and you can ensure your juice is fresh and free from added sugar.

If you are seriously looking to get in shape this summer then you need to be strict with your training and nutrition. We run an 8 week body challenge to ensure you have focus, accountability and a plan that is more bespoke to your own body and needs.

We help our members with a nutritional programme that works for them, if you’re struggling, give us a shout at our gym or try out our personal training and we’ll help you work out a plan that suits you.


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