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6wk Fat Loss Review

It’s all very well us describing our programmes and gym culture, but sometimes it’s important to read it in the words of those who are experiencing it.

So here’s a recent ‘wort’s and all’ review of our 6wk Fat Loss programme from member TS:

6wk Fat Loss Programme in Review

“Along with ear hair, less head hair and bad hangovers, other things come with age. Such as the fact that you can’t out train a poor diet. Not that my diet was necessarily bad. However, you know what it’s like – there are beers with the boys, client dinners, and catching something to eat between meetings when only crap is on offer. Over a period of time this pattern gradually erodes your body shape. The abs disappear, you develop some tread around the middle and you just feel a bit heavier and lethargic. This happened to me despite running two or three times a week (a 13 mile run most weekends), sparing and bag work, and attending the gym once or twice a week.

So I decided to take the 6 week nutrition and training programme at Foundry. I think it’s important to say at the outset that Foundry is not your usual gym. The big difference between here and the high street gyms is that you get a true bespoke programme for you. It’s based on a proper assessment of your body and its weaknesses and strengths. It’s not a programme that suits the next guy. And the trainers know their onions and are always closely watching what you’re doing with a lot of focus on technique. Yes there’s banter but the vibe, and the results, are just so much better than you get from the big brands. The guys don’t strut around in muscle tops with ‘Personal Trainer’ plastered on their backs and have time for everyone – both male and female clients. Let’s just say that’s not my experience in one of the big gyms in Notting Hill. We’re talking chalk and cheese really.

I liked the six-week format. There’s a clear diet, set training times and you train more or less with the same guys doing the same thing. So you get some team spirit. And even when the going gets tough – and it does – you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The course commenced with a weigh in which at 6ft tall clocked me in at around 87 kilos, a BMI of 25 and a fat composition of a shade under 18 percent. Now the boys at W10 aren’t focused on the body fat score. They are after lean muscle improvements. But let’s face it most of us are and I was a little concerned about the 18. It’s not terrible, but as I didn’t look to be carrying a lot of weight there was probably some fat built up around the organs.

And as you can see from before and after pictures, there was a lot of fat quietly booking in for a long residence around the back area.

As for the program itself its five days a week. It comprises three weight sessions and two cardio sessions. In my case the diet for weeks one to four basically reduced carbs, put a focus on protein, advises against demon drinks (caffeine and alcohol) and allowed me two cheat meals per week. Cheat meals would include more carbs (rice or sweet potato for example) and a treat of 100g of chocolate (70 per cent or above dark) or a small serving of ice cream. It was good for me to make time to eat properly and plan your meals and an unexpected benefit is that by eating clean you get a decent detox. The cardio sessions are only 20-minutes. But they are tough. They are interval or heart rate based and if your push yourself they take it out of you.

Would I recommend the programme?

Yes 100 per cent. My body shape changed beyond recognition, I now have much more energy, I cope with work stress better and my digestion is vastly improved. When you are struggling the guys are there to push you and they give you close support and encouragement. You could not do this type of training on your own and if you do what you’re told results – and impressive results – are guaranteed.

It’s just six weeks and the changes you’ll see will be worth everything that you invest.”

We help our members with a nutritional programme that works for them, if you’re struggling, give us a shout at our personal training gyms in London or try out our sessions and we’ll help you work out a plan that suits you.

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