A Different Take on Fat Loss

We all know the basics of losing fat, right? A carrot is healthier than a pizza, and if we spend all day sitting on our bum eating junk, we’ll end up feeling weak and, well, a bit fluffy around the edges. 

But despite this common knowledge, many of us find ourselves stuck in a rut; too busy, stressed, or demotivated to actually make these changes. And you know what? It’s often more about the psychology than the physical. So, let’s shake things up a bit.

Here are some thoughts for a different take on fat loss that might actually stick for you.

Forget the washboard abs 

If you’re aiming for fat loss, forget the lofty goals like washboard abs and single-digit body fat percentages (for now, at least). Sure, those might be the dream, but setting targets so far away from our here-and-now often paves the way for failure. If you slip up one day by skipping a workout or indulging in a whole pizza, it’s easy to fall into the trap of an all-or-nothing mindset – and throw in the towel. 

Instead, let’s focus on the day-to-day, making small changes that we can realistically sustain.

It’s like walking across a long bridge; sure, you keep your eye on the other side, but you’ve got to pay attention to each step along the way, or you might end up taking a tumble.

Get non-negotiable

So, how do we make these changes?

By making them habits: integrating them into our daily and weekly routines, and making them non-negotiable.

It’s easy to convince ourselves we don’t have time to exercise, but if we’re staying up late scrolling through social media and sleeping through our alarms, it’s a choice we’re making. The key is to start small and gradually build up over time. Maybe it’s putting down the phone an hour earlier each night and setting the alarm for a brisk morning walk before work.

Think 360

Let’s talk about the lifestyle factors surrounding nutrition and exercise.

First up: sleep. It’s not just about feeling rested; lack of sleep messes with our hunger hormones, zaps our energy, and kills our motivation to work out. 

And stress? Elevated stress levels wreak havoc on our bodies, from increasing appetite to storing fat more efficiently. While we might not all become Zen masters overnight, being mindful of our stress levels and finding healthy ways to manage them can work wonders.

Finally, simply drinking enough water over the course of a day can make a massive difference – to both our hunger levels and to our general feeling of wellness.

Accept real change

Here’s the thing: when you make time for exercise and healthy meals, something else has got to give.

For some of us, that’s mindless scrolling on social media or binge-watching TV. But for others it might mean housework (think about getting a cleaner), childcare (lean on your partner or extended family), or optimising your work efficiency to create space for self-care.

Changing habits also shifts your identity. You might not be the life of the party every Friday night anymore. But you could be the person that gets an early night six days out of seven, and only lets their hair down fully on a Saturday. And that’s OK.

Forget rigid rules

Diet culture often tells us that to succeed, we need to be making Instagram-worthy salads for every meal, and that carbs are the devil. But we need to forget rigid rules and find a way of eating that works for us. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to eating well. Fancy a chocolate bar alongside your healthy snack? Go for it. Want to unwind with a few glasses of wine on the weekend? Enjoy. The key is to focus on gradual improvements over time and not hold yourself to rigid expectations.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably heard all of this advice before. The difference is what you DO with the information. You have to show up – and keep showing up – if you want to see change. 

At Foundry, we get it. We work with busy folks, juggling families and high-pressure jobs, to find fitness and health solutions that actually work. Efficiency, flexibility, and results are our jam. 

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