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Are More Expensive Supplements Worth It?

Yes, all supplements are definitely not created equal.

Cheaper products use inferior (cheaper) raw materials from which to make their supplements.  A good example is magnesium supplements.  It is thought that between half and three quarters of us are deficient in Magnesium, an essential mineral for heart function.  It is also hugely important in improving sleep quality by helping to reduce stress.  From a fat loss perspective, magnesium will also improve sensitivity to insulin – absolutely key to getting rid of the excess fat stores from around the hips!

There are two significant problems with most magnesium supplements found on the high street.  The first is that they typically use Magnesium Oxide (basically a salt), which is not absorbed very well or retained in the tissues.  The second problem is that they generally use only one form of magnesium, when the best products use multiple forms – which means better absorption from all the different tissues of the body.

There are lots, but another example is fish oils.  Although the quality of fish oils found on the high street may not be ‘bad’, they actually contain very little actual fish oil, meaning that you need to take loads of capsules for it to be worth it.

We do advocate supplements, but only from certain manufacturers who we know to produce decent products.


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