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Everyone Needs a Training Plan

Clients that have clear, structured and achievable goals for their diet and training have far better results than those looking for a ‘quick fix’.

Ask yourself the question; When was the last time you sat down and worked out what kind of person you’d like to be in the gym and with your diet? Most people want to be fitter, stronger and look better with no clothes on but when was the last time you thought strategically about getting these results?

Think of your dream home; Marble interiors, open plan kitchen, swimming pool, your very own gym, walk in wardrobe even a man cave. Now think of how many months or years it would take to build something of this magnitude.

Your dream home starts with a vision and then you bring in an army of people to help you sketch, so that on paper it looks like you imagined. You then seek advice from surveyors and builders to take that idea and put the build in motion. The interior designers and painters finish the last lick of paint in line with your initial sketch.

My point is this; building something incredible takes time. Your body is a production of the way you move on a daily basis, how you sleep, what stress you place on it, your nutritional intake.

Would the picture of the ideal you be practicing the same habits as you are at the moment? If the answer here is no, then what daily habits can you change in order to be more like that person.

Anyone who is joining the Foundry Week Transformation should be thinking about the end game. We are your army of workers but without your sketch we have no power. Without the hard graft from you, you will fall short. The answer here is plain and simple. Hold yourself accountable.

Both training four times a week and ‘on point’ nutrition for total of 10 weeks is a hard task, but anything worth doing takes time and some sort of sacrifice.

In this weekly blog I’ll be keeping, you will read how the 10 Week Transformation goes for me. How I’ve struggled and had mini breakthroughs on my own journey.

Physique is such a difficult topic to discuss for both men and women. You train, eat modestly and you’d like your body to mirror this dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, not reflect an image of a tired bloated person who has spent way too much of their lives ordering take-out.

In my profession I spend a lot of time listening to clients tell me ‘I just want to be skinny and weigh 8 stone or something like that’.

I know that feeling because I’ve felt that same thought for years (yes I’m a trainer and I still have these dramas).

For years people have told me:

‘You MUST eat more’


‘You train so hard no wonder you binge eat, you’re simply not eating enough’

I took this all with a pinch of salt initially but soon realised that it’s easy to give this advice but very hard to take it.

I only knew how to lose weight from cutting my calories drastically and this didn’t really put me in a good mental state. I used to eat anywhere between 800-1,200kcal a day and then cram a gazillion calories in when my body went into crazy-binge mode because effectively I was starving it.

I decided it was time to change, so I’ve signed up for the 10 weeks also.

I’ve been eating way more food than usual, and the training has been great. The boys have been really tough on me and it’s surprising how much harder you push yourself when you’ve got someone (nicely) barking orders at you.

It’s now been exactly a week since my first meal and I can honestly say I haven’t craved for anything and it’s been a relatively easy adjustment for me. Four meals are delivered to my house each morning from Fresh Fitness Foods and they’ve all been varied and full of flavour.

For me this diet removes the hardest thing for most people, ‘choice’. There isn’t another option in my mind so all I need to do is eat the food and add in water and the occasional coffee pre training.

I’ve dropped 5kg in the first week. Bring on week two.

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of personal training in the gym.


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