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Foundry Merger with W10

Award winning independent gym ‘The Foundry’ merges with ‘W10 Personal Training’ to set the standard in small-group personal training to launch ‘Foundry’. Forget gym cliques, a place for anyone where everyone can belong, currently with 5 sites across London significantly upgraded in design, and a strong kit partnership with Eleiko UK. They are challenging themselves to stand out, to deliver sustainable results, whilst celebrating the individual and championing the community, no matter your experience.

Where The Strong Belong

Foundry have challenged what it means to be a gym for those that don’t think they can be ‘a gym person.’ Now, more than ever, we recognise the opportunity to help support our community be the best they can be, to live a long, strong and confident life.

No Intimidation, No Pressure, No One is Left Behind.

Foundry understands that sticking to a new fitness regime is half the battle. If your gym is intimidating or uninspiring, you’re more likely to quit. Foundry replaces competitiveness with teamwork to create a space that inspires you to go the distance. We surround our members with the right people, place them in the hands of experienced coaches and give them all the encouragement they need to grow.

Find Where YOU Belong

In this community, we strengthen each other. Our members will be supported by our in-house personal training team that perfects technique and keep our community safe during sessions. By training in small groups, members will push each other, be accountable to each other and build a strong bond that takes their fitness further than they ever thought possible.

Foundry Locations

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