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Front Squat 101

Squats have been named the ‘king of all exercises’, and for good reason. They will build muscle mass across the entire body and take your overall strength to new levels.

You’ll never get bored with squats because there are many different squat variations and barbells you can use to add variety to your training.

I am going to talk you through one squat in particular; the front squat.

The Front Squat is a great lower body exercise with many benefits. More quad dominant then the traditional back squat the upright position puts more emphasis on the anterior core and creates less stress on the spine.


Front Squat Technique

  1. Set up with the bar on the top of the shoulders in the front rack position.
  2. Feet shoulder width apart with toes slightly turned out.
  3. Keep your chest up and elbows high, if positioned correctly the bar should be tight to your neck.
  4. Take a big breath before you squat to brace and create pressure around your core.
  5. Squat downwards, think about sitting your butt down on your heels.
  6. Stay upright during the squat and don’t let your elbows drop throughout the lift.



The grip poses problems for those with poor upper body flexibility. A good bar position requires mobility through the upper back, shoulders and wrists. While you work at your mobility you can try using a cross arm grip with arms folded and hands over the bar as an alternative.



If you struggle with the movement of a front squat then a dumbbell goblet squat is a good regression. You get the same front loaded benefits of a front squat without the mobility demands on the upper body.

Give them a go – but remember to perfect your technique before adding on the weight.

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