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Kettlebell Exercises & Workout

The kettlebell is a a great free weight you can use anywhere. These kettlebell exercises not only do they target the legs and glutes but also target the rest of the body.

At W10 we believe in making exercise as fun and versatile as possible but making sure your safety comes first. We also believe that exercise should be for everyone and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy a couple of kettlebells.

Kettlebell Exercises

1. Kettlebell Swing

  • Start with feet around hip-width apart with the whole foot in contact with the floor. The kettlebell should be placed about a foot in front of you. Keeping a neutral spine, hinge your hips backwards with a soft knee and take hold of the kettlebell by the horns in an overhand position. Brace before you lift and tilt the kettlebell towards you.
  • Swing the kettlebell in-between the tops of your legs, keeping your spine neutral and hinging back further. Make it an explosive movement as you move with the kettlebell to stand tall allowing the weight to swing forward in front of you.
  • Drive back into the hinge and continue to swing with the weight


If you are struggling to perfect this movement regress to a kettlebell high pull or and banded pull through. If you are finding the exercise easy you could try performing a single-arm swing instead.

2. Alternating Bent Over Kettlebell Row

The bent over row position we are essentially looking for a deadlift position.

  • Place two kettlebells directly under the hip position, push the hips back as if you are about to deadlift them.
  • Keep the chest lifted, one stays on the floor – row to the back of the ribs, pinching the elbow to the spine and back to the floor
  • Repeat next arm.



Maintain solid position through the back of the spine.

3. Kickstand Kettlebell Row

In a kickstand position

  • Keeping hips square with kettlebell in line with foot, pushing hips back.
  • Avoiding rotation, row to hip
  • the kettlebell should go back to the floor every row.



If you find the kickstand position quite hard, you can take it to an elevated position.

4. Kettlebell High Pull

Line the kettlebell directly in between the feet.

  • Push the hips back – deadlift start position
  • Grip the kettlebell with both hands, lead with the elbows – one motion comes to the chest – keeping elbows above the weight
  • Back to the waist, going into deadlift position to the floor.



If the start position is tough to get into at the beginning, you can elevate the weight slightly.

Kettlebell Workout

Start on one side:

  • 6 x cleans
  • 6 x squats
  • 6 x push press
  • 6 x reverse lunge (with kettlebell overhead)
  • repeat on the other side.



Have 1-minute rest between sets – Complete 5 rounds.

Try another kettlebell workout with three circuits and additional exercises.

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goal, don’t hesitate, visit our gym and try one of our personal fitness training programmes.

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