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3 Easy Ways To Meditate On Your Commute To Work

With the hustle and bustle of normal life on the horizon, a lot of us might be gearing up for the commute back to work.

For some of us in London, that might fill us with apprehension but for others, it might be the perfect escape to get back in the office finally.

Studies have shown that meditation helps to ease anxiety, stress and even depression and in the long-run, reports say that it could reduce your chances of heart diseases and even strengthen your immune system, which during a pandemic seems like a win-win.

So whether you’re walking, cycling, catching a train or bus to work, we’ve come up with 3 easy meditation techniques you can do on your commute.

Get a little help from an app

There’s many apps on the market these days that help give you the tools and know-how from novice level, right through to meditation pro. Apps such as Calm, can be accessed anytime and in any place, so maybe start by using that 20 minute tube ride, as your mediation time. If you normally like to read the newspaper, then start smaller, and just take 2 minutes. Remember, habits take time to form, so do it at a pace that works with your lifestyle.

Baby steps

Like with any new undertaking, it takes time. Start with just a few minutes of simple breathing exercise and work your way up to longer sessions a few times a week. All this will help to reduce anxiety, relax your mind and help you stay calm, especially on a London commute. Treat this like you would at the beginning of any personal training regime… bitesize.

Just breath

Sounds simple enough right? The truth is, we often don’t concentrate on breathing, as it’s an automatic reflex, but listening to your breath can be just as meditative as listening to your favourite music or a guided meditation. Doing this just a few times in your day has proven to be able to reduce your stress levels, improve your sleep and allow you to focus better. But best of all, you really can do this anywhere.

With life showing signs of normality, some of of our old stresses might come back in to play, so take the time to look after your health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of personal fitness training in London.


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