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Time Management Principles for Good Health

In order to incorporate healthier choices into your life you have to make room for new behaviours, especially when it comes to time management. So often people complain that they don’t have enough time to get to the gym, or to cook fresh dinners. But in most cases this is simply not true. It’s just a matter of organisation.

Of course if you are working full time, have 3 kids and a husband to tidy up after, then yes, of course getting to the gym three times a week is undoubtedly going to be hard.

But for most people, there are ways of creating more time in their already busy schedules.

For instance, one change could simply be getting to sleep earlier. Whether that means, watching less TV, spending less time browsing online or updating your Facebook status, you could try to get to bed at least an hour before you normally do.

If you get to sleep earlier you will feel able to rise earlier. Perhaps that means being able to fit in an early morning workout or walk?

Perhaps making yourself a decent breakfast before rushing off to work.

We waste so much of our time with distractions such as TV and the Internet, that there seems a distinct lack of time available for other things. If you’re willing to sacrifice your learned “habits” and “behaviours” and swap them for some healthier choices you will probably feel less rushed and happier within yourself.

The beauty of sunrise

With the dawn of a new day, when the sun is starting to rise, it is amazing at how quiet the world seems.

Are you a person who has to be in noise to feel okay? Do you wake up and immediately put on the radio or TV? Do you ever eat or drive in silence?

If not, you are never giving yourself time to just be. To reflect, to meditate or to give yourself space for new opportunities to enter your life. You are living on mental overload and are just part of the rat race.

Early morning is a great time to do anything you want without distractions.

Getting up early you can give yourself adequate time to set yourself up for a successful day. Whether that is meditating on the day ahead and your goals, eating the right food to fuel you for the day or starting out with some energising exercise.

Meal Plan for the week ahead

I have said this before, but do not underestimate the power of planning when it comes to food.

Every Saturday morning, I sit down with my grocery list and literally plan out every meal from that night to the following Saturday. I then go grocery shopping either to a local farmers market or supermarket and stock up for the week.

I keep a note in my phone on what meals are on what days, without boring myself stupid and keeping it nice and varied. Of course life changes, and if something comes up or I’m invited out for a meal there is always the option of freezing stuff.

It’s the only way that ensures you eat right, eat clean and eat consciously. By planning in advance you don’t have to waste any time during the week faffing about with indecision’s about what to have for dinner. Or wasting your lunch break running around like a headless chicken looking for something healthy to eat.

If fact, you may even have time to do a bit of exercise during lunch as you will already have what you’re going to eat with you… Wont you?

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goal, don’t hesitate, visit our Richmond personal training gym and try one of our personal training sessions.

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