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4 Reasons Small Group Personal Training is For You

Whatever your goals might be; weight-loss, getting leaner, a little fitter or wanting to feel-good, it can be a minefield when you go it alone. You may want a personal trainer but can only really afford to go once a week, for a couple of months, but then you fall off the band-wagon as well as not delivering all the goals you set out originally.

That’s why a decade ago, we set about completely turning the fitness business model on its head.

Here’s 4 reasons why small group personal training IS for you

1. Time is precious

Many of us are time strapped at the best of times, and therefore it can sometimes be hard to fit in a workout. However, small group personal training is perfect for those of you that want to pack a lot into 40 – 50 minutes. We pack a lot into our workouts, so no matter what your goals are, you’ll get closer to them much quicker than if you do it by yourself.

2. There’s no ‘I’ in team

Being part of a group that has similar motivations and goals is an easier way to keep yourself on track. With our small group personal training, you’ll find yourself in groups of up to 6, pushing each other and motivating you to come back again and again. Our members often end up staying for 2+ years as we’ve created a friendly community vibe. We also strive on ensuring our coaching team is the perfect fit.

3. Mix it up

Got to the gym and end up doing the same routine over and over? We’re creatures of habit, so it’s no surprise we end up going back to what we know. But with small group personal training, you’ll get used to all kinds of exercise and equipment, and more importantly, you’ll learn the proper technique and form to make sure you train safe. Our expert programming also ensures that you get a well-rounded work out taking into account different muscle groups and variety of movements that will make you stronger and fitter.

4. Setting and reaching your goals

As well as the normal goals we set ourselves such as weight loss and getting leaner, we’ll get your body to do things you never thought possible. In a small group setting, you have a have a baseline to compare yourself against others, but also progress with others, which is proven to work better than going it alone. W10 specialise on delivering results, so we’ll listen to you and carefully devise an action plan as well as provide the support you need to get there.

Want to give us a go?

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we can help you don’t hesitate, join us today with our 21 day trial and we’ll show you how we pioneered small group personal training.


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