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Do I Need Personal Training To Get In Shape?

If you are thinking about getting into shape, you may be considering personal training … But are Personal Trainers really worth the investment?

If you are self-motivated and know your way around the gym, then there is an abundance of good information available for free that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

A quick search on Google and you can find yourself a training and nutrition programme in minutes, without the cost of a personal trainer. Even if you invest in a few pieces of kit for working out at home, it’s going to be cheaper than having a trainer in the long-run.

Perhaps you just want a trainer to make sure you are performing exercises correctly?

You can watch videos on YouTube, download a fitness app on your phone, with video tutorials for each exercise, to help guide you in the right direction. Sure, you don’t get the live feedback, but how hard can it be?

Probably harder than you think – there is a reason why you pay a mechanic to fix your car. You might attempt to fix it yourself but it’s going to take more time, more effort and even then, it may not pay off as you’re not the professional.

Is a personal training session really different from doing a large group class?

There are now many gyms which just specialise in group HITT and circuit classes and are really accessible; you simply go on to the class website and book in for a session time that suits you. It’s cheaper than a personal trainer too and the classes are normally pretty intense.

You come out feeling like you have sweated buckets and have done a really great workout, and for some people, they would have, but unlike personal training sessions, the classes can be too big and too busy to work on individual technique and correction.

Why a personal trainer could be a good idea

A personal trainer can adapt sessions to meet a client’s specific goals. They can break exercises down for an individual and find suitable alternatives if needed to regress or progress an exercise, making sure the client is moving safely and efficiently.

The accountability a personal trainer can give you is second to none. You book a session – the same as a booked dental appointment. You might not want to go but you know you have to because you’ve agreed to it – you’re committed. Once the session is over you will normally always leave feeling better than when you arrived.

It’s then no surprise that personal trainers often hire other trainers to coach them.

Even the professionals know how easy it is to do one less set, fewer reps, a lighter weight, taking an easier option if no one is standing beside them watching what they are doing.

So, to sum up, maybe not everyone needs a personal trainer, but everyone should want one.

Handing over the reins of your fitness to a professional can help to save you time, effort, reduce injury risk and help you to achieve your fitness goals – no matter how in shape you may already be.

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goal, don’t hesitate, visit our gym and try one of our personal training sessions.

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