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Easy Does It – Build a Foundation

If you build a house on shitty foundations, be prepared to watch it crumble.

But, dig those foundations deep, and you can build a castle, with high towers, and perhaps a drawbridge chucked in for good measure.

Let’s look at that from a training perspective

You need to build a good foundation upon with you can then build.

If you’re starting out, you don’t need to worry about the perfect training or nutrition programme.  You need to concentrate on the basics.

This will be different depending on where you’re at, but it might be as simple as drinking more water or doing more mobility.

It might not be sexy, but it works.  And it’s worth it.

See yourself as a work in progress, everyday doing something to make you better.

It’s about little things done daily and habitually.

Take most blokes

A lot of guys spend most of their lives sitting at a desk, so they get out of shape and stiff.

They then walk into the gym expecting to bench press, but it’s not in their programme.

“But why?”

It will vary, but typical reasons include internally rotated shoulders, limited thoracic mobility and inadequate back muscles.

It could be all sorts, but you get my point.

If you come in bent out of shape, you need to iron out those imbalances first.

Which might mean no benching for a few weeks.

If someone is new to training or hasn’t exercised for years, our programmes often focus mainly on mobility and stability exercises.

There is no point in loading poor movement.

It’s asking for trouble.

To go back to our opening analogy, you need good solid foundations, so that you can build progressively.

It’s worth the time and effort, if you want to build a castle.

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