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Exercises To Help You Get a Well Conditioned Core

A well-conditioned core is essential for boosting performance and preventing injuries. Core training goes beyond just targeting the abs; it involves strengthening various muscle groups, contributing to overall stability and functional movement. Here are some effective core exercises and tips to help you build a strong, resilient core.

Stir the Pot

This exercise is perfect for those with a solid foundation of strength looking to intensify their plank routine and maximise core development.

  1. Assume a plank position; rest your elbows on a stability ball and keep your body straight.
  2. Brace your abs and tighten your glutes to prevent your back from sagging.
  3. Circularly move your forearms, maintaining a rock-solid position throughout.
  4. To make it easier, widen your stance. For more challenge, move your feet closer together.
  5. Repeat the desired reps in one direction, then switch to the other.

Hanging Knee Raise

This core-strengthening exercise targets the lower abs, hip flexors, and lower back, adding variety and a higher difficulty level to your ab workout.

  1. Grip the bar with your hands around shoulder-width apart.
  2. Once hanging with your feet slightly off the floor and your arms straight, slowly pull your knees towards your chest, keeping your legs together.
  3. Pause briefly, then slowly lower your knees back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat for the desired reps, performing the exercise as slowly as possible to avoid swinging.

Landmine Rotations

This explosive motion works the entire body, focusing on the core. It boosts the abs, lats, spinal erectors, hips, glutes, legs, and shoulder muscles.

  1. Position a weight bar into a landmine or securely anchor it in a corner.
  2. Load the bar to an appropriate weight.
  3. Raise the bar to about shoulder height with both hands and arms extended in front of you. Adopt a wide stance.
  4. Keeping your shoulders and hips squared forward, bring the weight across your body to the right, then immediately back to the left to complete one rep.
  5. Continue rotating from side to side.

Palof Press

This exercise trains the core as a stabiliser, focusing on resisting lateral forces rather than primary movement.

  1. Adjust a cable or attach a band at chest level.
  2. Grasp the handle/band with both hands and stand to the side of the attachment point with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width, your knees slightly bent, and your chest out.
  3. Pull the cable/band towards your chest to create tension.
  4. Press the cable or band straight out in front of your chest, tightening your abdominal area to resist the sideways pull.
  5. Hold for five to seven seconds and slowly release the cable/band to your chest. That’s one rep.
  6. Do ten reps, then switch sides.


Tips for a Well-Conditioned Core

  • Limit Spinal Flexion

While crunches can be part of your routine, they shouldn’t dominate your program. Excessive spinal flexion can lead to injury. Focus on maintaining proper form and incorporating them sparingly.

  • Address Structural Balance

Achieving muscular balance, especially around the hips, is crucial. Ensure your training targets the glutes and lower back, not just the abs, to prevent injuries and improve overall stability.

  • Balance Mobility and Stability

Strive for a balance of mobility and stability, particularly in the pelvis. This balance is critical to functional movement and preventing pain.

  • Get Stronger

Strength training is essential for everyone. Strong, structurally balanced individuals rarely suffer from ‘core weakness.’ To build overall strength, incorporate compound movements like squats and deadlifts.

  • Get Lean

Core training alone won’t reveal a six-pack unless you’re lean. Focus on reducing body fat through a combination of diet and exercise. Remember, you can’t flex fat.


Core Videos

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