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Keeping Active in Richmond, London

Our mission at Foundry Richmond Gym is to help people live their best lives outside the gym, this includes keeping active with the family and friends and the associated health benefits for all.

Activities in Richmond

Richmond’s parks and open spaces are home to a wide and varied range of suitable places for people and wildlife. There are places to play, to be active and to relax in as well as natural habitats to explore.

Parks in Richmond

Alpha Road Gardens

A former allotment site transformed into a small open space populated by shrubs, trees and a play area.

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Arundel Close Wildlife Site

Small conservation site in Hampton with a community orchard and meadows. Many butterfly species can be found here.

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Barn Elms Playing Field

Barn Elms has facilities for athletics, rugby, football, hockey, cricket, baseball, tennis and a state of the art pavilion and changing rooms.

There is a small fishing lake, managed by Barnes & Mortlake Angling and Preservation Society, near the athletics track. At the north of the site, within a small woodland area, there is a glade, used for camping by Scouts and Guides.

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Barnes Common

Barnes Common is a peaceful area of open acid grassland, trees and woodland and is designated a statutory Local Nature Reserve.

There is a cricket pitch and a football pitch that are used by local teams.

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Barnes Green

The focal point of Barnes village is the Green and its pond which connects to Barnes Common via a footbridge across Beverley Brook at the northern end of the Green. Barnes Green has an accessible waymarked path around the pond.

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Beaufort Court

Set amongst Ham Lands, this small open space provides an ideal place for ball games for all ages.

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Bell Hill Recreation Ground

An open space on the edge of the River Thames in Hampton.

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Beveree Wildlife Site

Mixture of woodland, scrubland and two small meadows make this a haven for wildlife and an enjoyable place to explore.

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Broom Road Recreation Ground

Large park popular with both local sports teams and recreational users. At the back of the park is a natural play area and seating that looks out over the River Thames.

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Buccleuch Gardens

Enjoy walks along the towpath towards either Richmond Riverside or Ham and Petersham, or through an underpass that connects Buccleuch Gardens to Terrace Gardens.

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Bushy Park

Bushy Park is managed by Royal Parks and is the second largest Royal Park in Greater London. It has recently been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI.

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Cambridge Gardens

A small recreation ground overlooking the river in East Twickenham that provides a starting point for walks along the towpath from Richmond Bridge to Twickenham.

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Carlisle Park

Popular park with facilities including, bowling green, cricket pitch, junior football fields and tennis courts.

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Castelnau Recreation Ground

This small residential park has both traditional and natural play facilities, a hugely popular paddling pool as well as a Multi Use Games Area.

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Crane Park

Crane Park follows the bends of the River Crane from Meadway in Twickenham to Hanworth Road at its western end.

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Craneford Way

A large area of grassland with a popular play area, Craneford Way forms part of the River Crane Walk.

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Diamond Jubilee Gardens

Overlooking Twickenham Embankment this site was a former open air swimming pool and some of the features have been retained as part of its heritage. Play area and play beach for the kids.

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Grimwood Road Recreation Ground

Former Territorial Army centre was transformed into a public open space with a playground for all ages.

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Ham Common

Ham Common connects with Ham Avenues and Ham Common Woods and is designated as a Local Nature Reserve.

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Hampton Common

Hampton Common offers many different activities for its many users and is found across the road from Oak Avenue Local Nature Reserve.

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Hatherop Park

This large park is popular with many users. Children of all ages are well catered for in terms of play facilities and sports are played throughout the year.

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Hounslow Heath

There is play equipment for children under 13, as well as older children. A small wooded area at the back of the playground provides a sanctuary for wildlife.

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King Georges Field

Park is used for a number of sports throughout the year.

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Langdon Park

A sports pitch, within the wider space of Langdon Park, found opposite Broom Road Recreation Ground and adjacent to Normansfield Play Park.

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London Wetland Centre

Comprising of 105 acres of open space filled with wildlife, the centre is ideal for nature enthusiasts, families, school parties, or those looking for a relaxing walk.

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Mereway Nature Park

This conservation site provides varied grasses and bramble for a diverse range of species.

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Murray Park

The park has a children’s playground, mini skate park and plenty of open space for ball games.

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North Sheen Recreation Ground

The park has many facilities including football pitches, paddling pool and play facilities for all ages across two play areas.

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Oak Avenue Local Nature Reserve

Oak Avenue is a Local Nature Reserve which has a rich variety of habitats consisting of woodland and scrubland located around the boundary edges.

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Old Deer Park

There are a number of facilities including a junior and infant play area, tennis courts and Adizone outdoor gym. Sports pitches are maintained throughout the year and the park plays host to many events.

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Palewell Common Woods

An area of woodland that runs adjacent to Palewell Common and Fields and is particularly popular with dog walkers and runners.

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Petersham Common

Important wildlife corridor linking Richmond Park and the River Thames through Petersham Meadows and Petersham Lodge Woods.

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Richmond Green

Fun Fact: This green hosted jousting competitions in the Middle Ages.

The park is a venue for various festivities throughout the year, including the May Fair and the Victorian Evening at Christmas time. There is also a cricket pitch for keen players of the sport.

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Richmond Park

The park is designated a European Special Area of Conservation (SAC), a National Nature Reserve.

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Sheen Common

Recreation grounds and playing fields, the rest of the site is woodland that is popular with dog walkers and bird watchers alike and connects with Richmond Park at Bog Gate.

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The Copse

The Copse is home to a combination of acid grassland and woodlands that include a number of veteran oaks. Wildflowers in the summer provide a display of colour and key species such as bats, badgers and many birds call this place home.

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Vine Road Recreation Ground

The park is suitable for ball games and has a playground for all ages, as well as a paddling pool.

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