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New Year, New Habits: Making Resolutions That Stick 

The holidays are upon us, and we’re all gearing up for the festive feast. But amidst the Christmas cheer, let’s spare a thought for the impending New Year’s resolutions.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – resolutions that actually stick? Is that even possible? Well, buckle up because we’ve got the lowdown on building habits that stand the test of time and transform your fitness, health, and wellness.

‘Tis the season: don’t be a slave to rigidity

Before we dive into the resolution game, let’s address the elephant in the room: Christmas indulgence. Contrary to popular belief, rigidity won’t get you far. So savour those holiday treats, enjoy the festivities, and don’t go all or nothing. Life’s about balance, after all.

But, if the words ‘fat loss,’ ‘health,’ or ‘fitness’ are creeping into your New Year’s resolution list, now’s the time to strategise. Planning ahead means you hit the ground running, not stumbling.

Gradual gains: one small resolution at a time

At Foundry, our mantra is simple: one step at a time. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a laundry list of resolutions, focus on one small, doable goal. For instance, commit to hitting the gym twice or three times a week. Just get yourself through the door, and we’ll take it from there. Small victories pave the way for big wins.

Accountability: the secret sauce

Research says it loud and clear: habits are more likely to stick if you’ve got a crew cheering you on. (Reference: NCBI) That’s why we swear by the motto “come for the training, stay for the community” at Foundry. Our small group personal training sessions boost both accountability and enjoyment. Our coaches tailor sessions to your goals and capabilities, making the journey fun and effective.

Gymtimidation? Not at Foundry.

We get it – the gym scene can be intimidating. In fact, a whopping one in three Brits suffers from gymtimidation. That’s why we’ve crafted Foundry as a haven for those put off by mainstream gyms. No mirrors, no posers, no egos. We welcome you with a smile, everyone knows your name, and you can work at your own pace. It’s fitness without the fuss.

This New Year, let’s say goodbye to fleeting resolutions and welcome a healthier you with open arms. Foundry’s got your back – come for the workout, stay for the community, and let’s make those resolutions stick.

Ready to make a change?

At Foundry, our Small Group Personal Training is designed specifically for busy people who want to prioritise their wellbeing.
Our fun, inclusive sessions are tailored to each participant, so they’re great for beginners. And they’re one piece of our simple but powerful approach to building wellbeing.
We know that joining a gym can feel like a big commitment, so we offer our 21-Day Challenge to let you come along and try us out for a few weeks, no strings attached. 

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