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Overcoming “Gymtimidation” (and how we can help you give it the elbow)

‘Gymtimidation’: the fear that strikes through the majority of people when the word ‘gym’ is mentioned.

Yes, it most certainly is a real thing. And we completely get why. Even for our world-class coaches, walking into a typical gym environment full of posers, grunting, dropping weight and staring, can make them feel uneasy.

A gym experience doesn’t have to be that way, believe us. In fact, that’s the very reason our founder JC pioneered the UK’s first Small Group Personal Training gym model. We’re unapologetically different, and our coach Kaj explains how: –

We explore the most common causes for “Gymtimidation” and how we help you overcome each

W10 (now Foundry) was deliberately created back in 2009 to help ‘normal’ people like you (who don’t like or have never stepped foot in the gym) to overcome those first-time nerves and rediscover their fitness mojo.

We uncover the most commons fears our members faced when thinking about joining a gym, and how we can help you muster up the courage to overcome them: –

Your Fear – “People will judge my appearance or lack of ability”

If you haven’t trained in a while (or ever), it’s completely normal for you to feel a little insecure about the way you’ll look when working out, or that the sessions will be too difficult for you. But fear not.

At Foundry, we pride ourselves on our famous community and world-class coaches. This means no oversized egos or unwelcoming vibes here. Our new members often say how quickly they felt at home. This is because our intimate environment enables them to quickly get to know all the members by name, many of whom are or have recently been in exactly the same shoes as you are now.

Many members even go as far to say that they feel like we’re more of a social club than a gym environment (like Cheers without the beers!)

Your Fear: – “I won’t know what I’m doing”

When creating W10, JC looked to solve the major flaw a typical gym has in helping someone like yourself, who, quite frankly, doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you’ve joined a gym in the past you’ll likely relate… You sign up and are straight away left to your own devices. You wander aimlessly around, end up hiding at the back of a class or worse, stuck on a CrossTrainer. No surprise, this often leads to not getting the results you wanted; sometimes even picking up an injury; and inevitably cancelling and going back to the sofa, saying ‘the gym just isn’t for me’. Sound all too familiar?

That’s where we step in. At Foundry, every session is coach-led (so no more aimlessly wandering). Better yet, your 30-day trial starts with a 1-2-1 evaluation where your assigned coach gains a deep understanding of your starting point, any injuries, and your current movement ability. By meeting you where you’re at, our coaches can personalise every session by scaling the movements and difficulty for you.

Our unique Small Group environment also means you’ll get the same level of attention you’d receive in a 1-2-1 PT session, but at a fraction of the cost and with the major added benefit of training amongst a group of like minded people. We help you get results in an atmosphere you’ll love.

Your Fear: “The gym just isn’t for me. I’ll get bored”

Have your past experiences of a gym just seemed like groundhog day? Physically (or metaphorically) pounding the treadmill? We’re not being big headed when we say the Foundry community is the bee’s knees. Our members love it so much, not only for the added motivation it brings, but for the friendships they form. Our famous community is a key factor in why so many of them stay with us for so long (an average of 26 months, in fact! Some even up to 10 years!)

Sounds too good to be true? Hear from over 50 of our members

We know our members aren’t fitness nuts and enjoy a balanced life. That’s why we host weekly socials like our Friday Night Lights and Saturday Brunch. We even go beyond this to put on a calendar of ‘bucket list’ events for members to experience, like dog sledding to the Northern Lights! That’s more like it, right?

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of small group personal training in London.


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