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No Ordinary Personal Training Gym

Our set up is pretty unique!

Our personal training gyms are amongst the best equipped you’ll find and our membership structure merges the best aspects of a top personal training studio with the facilities offered in well equipped gym – a combination that we think will be the future and we’re pioneering in the UK fitness industry.

A bold claim, so let me explain.

We’re not just a personal training studio…..

Top end personal training studios tend to house more knowledgeable and experienced trainers than you’ll find mainstream health clubs (you know, the guys in studios are the ones you go to when you’re sick of paying over-priced newly qualified, twenty something personal trainers 50-60/hour for little or no results!).

The problem with these studios is that they’re often prohibitively expensive (often unjustifiably so), are very short on equipment (should have spent that marble floor money on a couple of squat racks and decent dumbbells my friend!) and the energy in these small studios is usually pretty flat which ends up getting to trainers and clients, most people wanting a more ‘come-to-life’ culture than is on offer in these sterile boxes.

The other major problem with personal training studios is that despite higher training standards they’re often very small and therefore cannot double up as a gym. This means that clients get the benefit of one, maybe two hours of good PT each week or month but then have to go and do any additional sessions in their local health club where they get frustrated/flustered by the place and end up reverting to the cross trainer because it’s the no hassle option.

Not ideal

Despite the personal attention and better quality training on offer most personal training studios are over priced, under equipped and sterile.

On balance they are not worth the premium.

We’re definitely not a just a gym…..

Modern gyms tend to have better array of equipment than most small personal training studio, which is about the sum total of the good news as far as they’re concerned.

The fundamental problem is that these places are all about the bottom line and they pay their staff pittance and thus do not attract, and certainly do not retain, quality personal trainers.

The net effect is that members get poor programmes, lifeless training sessions from disgruntled trainers, limited or no results, and they get bored and frustrated and give up. The culture is terrible.

Despite their huge membership bases health clubs are quite some way off the mark. Over-zealous membership teams, over subscribed memberships, under qualified, under paid and unmotivated personal trainers, transient staff, bored and frustrated members….. I’ll stop there.

Not the place to go if you want access to the most knowledgeable trainers, results and enjoyment from training.

Steer clear if you can.


We’re in essence a fusion of a top end personal training studio and a gym.

We provide the quality of training that is synonymous with a top personal training studio, the training toys that you would expect in a the most equipped of gym facilities, peppered with with an unparalleled gym culture and support network that would be the envy of a successful team or group.

And we do this without the exorbitant price tag and flat atmosphere that comes with a top personal training studio and the equally flat, sales driven, overcrowded and under-delivering health club environment. Not a bad mix we think you’ll agree!

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of personal fitness training in the gym.

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