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Take Your Training up a Gear

Whatever stage you start with your fitness, we guide members through an individual journey to become stronger, fitter and healthier. Our Athlete Programme provides an excellent platform to take your training up a gear.

The Fitness Journey

This journey starts with our 30-day gym trial. The focus during that time is assessing their capabilities, getting to know them and their goals and making them feel comfortable in the gym.

Initially, we assess their movement quality, injury history and current fitness level. The primary focus at this stage is to get the basics right. They learn to do the fundamentals well. This gives them a base level of strength, mobility, and conditioning.

This stage takes anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on an individual’s experience and their “training age”.

Setting the standards

We have gym standards to help gauge where members are on their fitness journey. The standards are a 3-tier staged progression. Based on exercises that test different fitness markers, such as upper and lower body strength, power, anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

The importance of monitoring progress is key. Therefore, we track this by testing our members after each 12-week training block, to give some idea of where they fall on the fitness spectrum. Highlighting to both the members and trainers the effect their hard work is having as they progress within the standards. In addition, it gives members a benchmark to continue their progress within the gym.

Athlete Programme

Once this base level of fitness is achieved and they reach the 3rd tier of the gym standards, to keep things fresh and progressive they qualify for what we call the Athlete programme.

The focus of the Athlete Programme is a move from the general preparation phase to a focused specialised programme which has a more specific, performance-based goal.

Competitions and events

We have 3 specific areas of development within the Athlete Programme. The National Fitness Games (NFG), Powerlifting and Obstacle Course Racing.

Taking the NFG as an example, we have a group of members representing the gym at these games in Loughborough.

Competitors are selected based on their testing results. We also assess their areas of strength and weakness based on these results. We can then work out what fitness components they need to work on most to get them ready.

NFG is a national team-based competition designed to test your strength, power, speed, and endurance. The workouts are challenging and require a high level of strength and fitness.

The Athlete Training Programme

NFG athletes are put on a training programme specifically designed to work their weaker areas. They record numbers from their workouts to track progress. The competitors have an additional class on Saturdays to practice specifically for these events. They work on tactical elements needed to enable them to work together as a team.

As a result, working towards high-level competitions gives our members something challenging to strive for. Providing their training a renewed sense of intensity, purpose and a goal to motivate them.

Above all, event-specific training and our Athlete Programme provides an excellent platform to recognise and develop these individuals getting them ready for tougher challenges.

In conclusion at W10, we recognise that everyone starts their fitness journey at different points. We support our members whatever stage they are at in their fitness.

Whether that’s guiding them through our Small Group Personal Training Programme or progressing with our Athlete Programme.

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goal, don’t hesitate, visit one of out gyms in London.


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