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The GYM Is More Than Just a Safe Space

With the pandemic having changed the way the fitness industry operates overnight, gyms have shown incredible reactiveness, resilience and of course, played a vital role for many, that have felt the adverse effects of the lockdowns, both mentally and physically.

People have asked if the pandemic may have created the end of physical gyms as we know it. But as we came out of the 1st lockdown, members flocked back into our ‘safe place’. The gym is more than just a place to work out. Some describe it as a “third space”, a place where they can escape for just a couple of hours and share a space with like-minded members, doing their bit to stay healthy. And of course, some were hesitant, given safety concerns, but like many other gyms, we invested heavily in our facilities, and data continues to prove, that we really are a safe haven.

Of course the online fitness bizz will continue with many fitness instructors being almost “celebricised”, where people flock to be in a class with them. But the reality is, when dealing en masse, one size does not fit all! Nothing will be able to replace the in-person experience. Specifically at W10, we don’t search for coaches that have a massive side hustle looking to be the next insta famous celebrity trainer, they’re truly motivated by helping individuals reach their goals and make lifestyle changes that stay long after the pandemic. That can only be done by creating 1-2-1 relationships with all our members, so that we can adapt to ensure you’re never bored, which digitally, is much trickier to do.

So whilst we push on with 2021, mark our words, the gym is here to stay and we’ll always believe that everyone is unique, so that’s why a one-size-fits-all will never replace bricks and mortar.

What we’re currently doing:

  • Personalised online training plans for members to follow and subsequent check-ins with their dedicated trainer
  • The launch of our TV: a platform for our members that provides daily workout sessions with our trainers streamed live. These sessions are up on TV for later viewing as well
  • An express workout library – pre-recorded bodyweight sessions for members to complete when members are short on time
  • Bringing you a variety of fantastic guest speakers to discuss a variety of topics to help cope both mentally and physically. These have included at home cooking classes to discussions with award-winning authors over a glass of wine straight from your living room
  • We may be social-distancing but that doesn’t mean we aren’t socialising. From pub quizzes to bingo, hosted by some of your favourite trainers, we are testing the realms of digital socialising
  • Daily challenges and some light-hearted fun to the keep you going during the week

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goal, don’t hesitate, visit our gym and try one of our small group personal training sessions.


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