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3 Healthy Breakfasts for When You’re in a Rush

When you’re rushing to get to work, you’re still half asleep and you’re trying to get the kids ready, fitting in a healthy breakfast can be a challenge.

As a culture, especially in this country, most of us grew up with a rushed bowl of cereal or piece of toast before heading off to school for the day. This was our norm, our learned behaviour, so it really is no wonder that as adults we have no clue of what is right or wrong to start our day off with!

The main thing about breakfast is that you want to make choices that are nutrient dense and filling. You do this by choosing things that will not spike your blood sugar, causing a crash and more hunger by the time you reach the office.

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It’s always a good idea to have a varied diet and have a few breakfast choices that you rotate. When it comes to the weekend, you can get a little bit more creative (hopefully you will have the luxury of time on your hands).  We have plenty of yummy and healthy recipes for such days e.g. Scrumptious Paleo style Pancakes or Breakfast Burritos which we will be posting recipes for later on.

But for now, let’s keep it simple with a few ideas that are easy, satisfying and delicious.


Take Full fat Greek yogurt, preferably organic. My personal fave is Yeo Valley or Rachel’s Greek Yogurt 150-200gram pot, but you can use any as long as it is full fat and plain (no added sugar).

Add one scoop of good quality protein powder. Personal faves here are Sun Warrior or Kinetica, but again just choose whatever you can that has a good variety of ingredients, bearing in mind the cheaper the powder, the less likely it is to be nutrient dense.

After mixing in the powder, add a small handful of berries, e.g.. organic blueberries.

Top with a pinch of either pumpkin seeds or chia seeds for an extra omega boost!


Pre Chop some cherry tomatoes and feta cheese into small pieces and place aside.

Take 2-4 eggs depending on your requirements. e.g. How often you train/how many meals a day you’re having etc.

Crack them into a bowl and beat with a fork.

On a low/medium heat add a tablespoon of grass fed butter, preferably organic (again, Yeo Valley make a good one) in a small frying /saucepan.

Once the butter has melted pour your eggs into the pan giving it a light stir around.

When the eggs start to cook a little you can add your tomatoes and feta cheese, occasionally stirring.

Once the eggs look cooked enough for your personal taste, season with black pepper, dried basil or oregano and a pinch of good quality salt (I like to use Pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt as it is the highest in mineral content and very pure)

NB. This is kind of scramble recipe you can play around with, some days you might not want to use any cheese or you may want to go for Goat instead of Feta, or mushrooms instead of tomatoes. You get the idea…

If you’re a meat lover and time is not an issue, perhaps you want to add some good quality crumbled bacon or turkey?  You would just have to pre-grill that beforehand and prep with your veg at the start.


If you have a blender then smoothies are always a good idea a few times a week. However, it’s easy to mistake what to put in them and just end up with a fruit heavy sugary drink…. not the best thing to start the day with. Adding greens is a huge plus!

So, here is a simple and delicious recipe with alternatives for you to play around with.

Always start with your liquid. Preferably 1-2 of water, unsweetened Almond milk or Coconut milk

Add a small handful of berries, frozen or fresh

Add a large handful of raw dark leafy greens (always good to rotate these, EG. Kale, Spinach, Red Leaf Lettuce)

Add either 1 banana to thicken, or 1-2 Medjool dates  (they’re the easiest to blend) to sweeten (depending on how you thick you like your smoothie). Blend until smooth.


If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on women’s personal fitness and how we could help you, don’t hesitate, visit our gym – we would love to hear from you.

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