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Our Personal Training Standards

Personal training shouldn’t be about simply making people tired, it should be about making people better. There is a time and place for a bit of anything-goes hard work, what we would call a ‘tank-emptier’, but as trainers and coaches we should be making people better, not simply making them tired.

Making someone feel tired and uncomfortable through exercise doesn’t require a lot of skill or forethought, nor does it require any progressive programming and individualised coaching, all things that should the cornerstone of any personal training programme.

Our training programme represents what we believe personal training should be, which is personalised and progressive programming, with a purpose or an end goal in mind. Sure, you can, and should, come into a few of our conditioning sessions or similar along the way, they’re challenging and great fun after all, but the foundation of fitness is strength and structural balance, and a good programme should reflect this by focusing on quality and progress, rather than using fatigue as a gauge for effectiveness all of the time.

Our goal is always to make people better and everyone who comes to us for personal training is evaluated and screened, so that we can assess their starting point. Once we have determined their baseline, they are then taken on a progressive journey through our 6-tier training system, culminating in them becoming fit and strong enough to hit our Foundry gym standards. The standards, although designed to be achievable, are tough, but the clearly thought out phases get people there, assuming that they put the work in.

Every phase has a different focus, each building upon the previous one, meaning that people are progressed at a rate that is appropriate for them. At the end of each phase there are pre-requisite capabilities that must be demonstrated before we move on, ensuring that people don’t skip any important stages, progress is more linear and of course that people are fit and strong enough to do the things which are being asked of them – no shitty technique and injuries here thank you very much!

The Foundry Standards are a mixture of cardiovascular and strength exercises that we feel will best help people achieve their overall strength, fitness and aesthetic goals. They were introduced to give people with general fitness goals a training purpose and something to aim for. It’s also fair to say that once people earn their ‘standard bearer’ t-shirt, meaning that they can complete 9 out of 11 of the standards, we are looking at a healthy, fit, lean and strong and strong specimen, which is what most people come to Foundry for in the first place!

Our standards provide the training goal; our six-tier training programme is clearly laid out and designed to get you there; all you’ve got to do is turn up motivated and put in the hard work to get there. Which is what personal training should be like!

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of personal fitness training in the gym.

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