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Our East London Gyms Take a Tour

Welcome to Foundry personal training gym located in East London. At Foundry, the focus extends beyond equipment and workouts; it’s about fostering a community centred on health and fitness.

Take a tour inside our two East London Gym locations: Bank and Old Street. Each gym offers a unique experience but shares a joint commitment to high-quality personal training and a supportive atmosphere.

We’ll guide you through detailed tours of the Bank and Old Street facilities, highlighting their features and the overall environment. You’ll get a clear picture of what sets Foundry apart in London’s fitness landscape, including our unique facilities and welcoming spaces.

Foundry’s fitness philosophy is personalised, community-driven, and rooted in effectiveness and expert coaching in an inclusive environment.

Join us as we take a tour of our East London Personal Training Gyms, where fitness goals are achieved and exceeded, every workout is an experience. Every member is part of a thriving fitness community.


Foundry Gyms East London


Foundry Gym Bank


Hi, I’m G, your guide to the Foundry Gym at Bank, nestled just off Lombard Street. We’re excited to give you a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities, ideally for a workout before, after, or even during your workday.

Reception and Relaxation Area

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by our welcoming reception area. Take a moment to relax in our comfortable seating area, perfect for those pre-workout moments. Our complimentary coffee machine is at your disposal, along with a selection of refreshments, including protein drinks, water, and even prosecco, available for purchase via our easy-to-use, contactless iPad system. Check-in for your class or personal training session is a breeze with the iPad on the reception desk.

Changing Rooms and Amenities

Our changing rooms are exclusively designed for your comfort and convenience. Equipped with shower and sweat towels, shampoo, and hairdryers, our facilities ensure you have everything you need. Secure lockers are available to store your belongings safely.

Training Spaces:

Let’s move on to the heart of our gym – the Small Group PT space. The main training sessions take place in this area, accommodating up to twelve people. Adjacent to this is our dedicated class space, which is currently set up for a ‘sweat’ session focused on cardiovascular activities. This space boasts a variety of equipment, including rowers, assault bikes, bike ergs, and ski ergs.

Flexible Scheduling for Busy Lives

Understanding the busy schedules of city life, our classes and small group PT sessions are available throughout the day, including peak times in the morning, lunch, and evening. This flexibility ensures you can always find time for a workout, whether a lunch break escape or an energising start or end to your day.

Foundry Gym Bank

33-36 Lombard St
City of London


Foundry Gym Old Street


Welcome to Foundry Old Street! I’m Tom, one of the dedicated coaches, and I’m excited to show you around. Our gym is designed to give you a clear idea of what to expect when you visit.

Reception and Relaxation Zone

You’ll find our reception desk and a cosy chill-out area upon entry. Feel free to enjoy a complimentary coffee or a hot chocolate before or after your sessions.

Changing Rooms and Facilities

Our changing rooms are outfitted for convenience and security, featuring lockers with built-in keys, so there is no need to bring a padlock. We’ve also included shower facilities with towels, making it easy to freshen up whether you’re heading to work or out on the town.

Focus on Functional Movement

At Foundry Old Street, we prioritise functional movement over traditional cardio equipment. While incorporating some cardio equipment, we focus on utilising functional movements to effectively train various energy systems. This approach ensures that every piece of equipment has a purpose, aligning with our goal to meet our clients’ needs most efficiently.

Foundry Gym Old Street

227 City Road
London EC1V 1JT


Small Group Personal Training at Foundry

At the core of The Foundry’s ethos is small group personal training. Catering to groups of up to six people per coach, this approach combines high-level coaching with science-backed programming in an intimate group setting. This method fosters a sense of community and ensures personalised attention, making it ideal for those looking to boost their strength and fitness in a supportive environment.

Why Choose Foundry?

Foundry stands out in the fitness world for several reasons. Born from a desire to offer more than the standard gym experience, Foundry replaces typical gyms’ impersonal and often uninspiring atmosphere with a vibrant, community-driven environment. This transformation involved:

  • Space Over Equipment:
    Prioritising efficient use of space over rows of seldom-used equipment.
  • Expert Coaching:
    Replacing inexperienced staff with a team of seasoned coaches.
  • Community Model:
    Shifting from a transactional to a community-oriented approach.
  • Customer-Centric Values:
    Focusing on customer needs over rigid rules.
  • Inclusivity:
    Welcoming diverse members over gym stereotypes.
  • Practical Equipment:
    Emphasizing functional training tools over mirrors.
  • Training Philosophy:
    Inclusivity and Effectiveness

Foundry’s training philosophy is grounded in inclusivity and effectiveness. Key tenets include:

  • Strength for All:
    Recognising the universal need for foundational strength, regardless of specific fitness goals.
  • Performance First:
    Prioritizing joint health and movement quality over mere aesthetics.
  • Athletic Training for Everyone:
    Adopting firm training principles for individuals with general fitness goals.
  • Functional Training Focus:
    Emphasizing free weights and minimising machine use.
  • No Gimmicks:
    Relying on proven training methods instead of fleeting fitness trends.
  • Enjoyable Workouts:
    Balancing personalisation and progression with fun.
  • An Unbeatable Atmosphere:
    Creating a supportive environment free from intimidation.

Entering a gym for the first time can be daunting, but Foundry strives to make this transition smooth and welcoming. Our approach includes:

  • Clear Communication:
    Aligning expectations with reality through open dialogue and goal setting.
  • Progress Tracking:
    Offering a reference for expected progress at 3, 6, and 12 months.
  • Personalised Standards:
    Gender-specific benchmarks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Nutritional Guidance:
    Introducing nutrition discussions and personalised coaching after initial adaptation.

Foundry’s unique approach, from small group personal training in East London to its inclusive and effective training philosophy, makes it more than just a gym. It’s a place where fitness goals are met with enthusiasm, community support, and expert guidance. For those seeking not just to exercise but to thrive, Foundry offers a distinct choice.


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