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Our South East London Gyms Take a Tour

Explore the world of personalised fitness at Foundry’s South East London locations, where your fitness journey is more than just workouts; it’s about becoming part of a community that values individual progress and collective success.

Join us as we take a tour of our South East London Personal Training Gyms, where fitness goals are achieved and exceeded, and every workout is an experience. Every member is part of a thriving fitness community.


Foundry Gyms South East London


Foundry Gym Vauxhall

Foundry Vauxhall, the pioneer among Foundry gyms, nestled in the heart of Vauxhall. Offering a spacious and versatile training environment, it epitomises the essence of small group personal training. Here, fitness is personalised, emphasising building a community where everyone knows your name.


Hi, I’m Ben, I’m one of the directors at Foundry. Welcome to Foundry Vauxhall.

The Vauxhall gym was the first of the foundry gyms, founded in 2016. And it’s a hidden gem here in the middle of Vauxhall. So here we are on the Vauxhall gym floor. This is just about 3000 square feet of space. As you can see, we’ve also got a mezzanine here, opening up many more opportunities for us to use the space.

Foundry is a small group personal training gym. So that means we train in groups of from one to six people, meaning we get a really good community vibe around our training. We supplement our small group personal training with our group exercise classes and team training, and you can get anywhere up to 15 people in a team training session.

We are not your typical gym at Foundry. You’re not just a number. You’re not just a number on a spreadsheet. As a member we don’t have 3000 plus members, so we know everyone here, and we know their names, the first names, their pets’ names, their kids’ names, and everything about them. So it’s a much more community feel.

So, if you’re interested in looking at the foundry and joining, head over to the get started page, and one of our sales staff will call and talk you through everything you need to know.

Foundry Gym Vauxhall

5 Beaufoy Walk (off Black Prince Rd)
Vauxhall, London
SE11 6AA


Small Group Personal Training at Foundry

Foundry Gyms in South East London revolutionises fitness with its unique approach, focusing on small group personal training. Emphasising a blend of high-level coaching, science-backed programming, and a strong community spirit, Foundry’s philosophy is designed to cater to individuals wanting a more personalised, supportive, and effective fitness journey. Their commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where every member’s progress is valued makes Foundry a standout choice for those looking to transform their health and fitness lifestyle.

Why Small Group Personal Training?

At Foundry, small group personal training is a cornerstone of their fitness approach, designed for groups of up to six people. This setup ensures personalised attention from experienced coaches tailored to each member’s fitness goals and needs. The intimate setting enhances the workout experience and fosters a strong sense of community among participants, creating a supportive and motivating environment distinct from larger, more impersonal gym settings. This blend of personalised coaching and community spirit defines the essence of training at Foundry.

The benefits of small group training at Foundry include personalised coaching that tailors workouts to each member’s unique goals and capabilities. The science-backed programming ensures exercises are practical and safe, optimising fitness results. Moreover, the intimate group dynamic fosters a supportive community, enhancing motivation and accountability among members. This combination of personal attention, expertly designed workouts, and a close-knit atmosphere makes small group training ideal for those seeking to improve their fitness in a collaborative, focused setting.

The Foundry Personal Training Way

Choosing Foundry for your fitness journey means opting for a gym that prioritises a community-driven model, setting it apart from traditional gyms. With experienced coaches dedicated to customised training programs, members receive guidance tailored to their unique fitness goals. This personalised approach, combined with a strong emphasis on building a supportive community, ensures that every member feels valued and motivated. Foundry’s commitment to these principles fosters an environment where fitness goals are achieved collectively, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more connected and effective fitness experience.

The process starts with a personal consultation, ensuring that each member’s journey is aligned with their aspirations and requirements. This personalised approach helps craft a fitness plan that is both achievable and enjoyable.

Embracing small group training within this supportive atmosphere offers a unique opportunity to achieve fitness goals. Foundry invites you to join their community, promising a distinct and fulfilling personal training experience.


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