Our West London Gyms Take a Tour - Foundry Personal Training Gyms

Our West London Gyms Take a Tour

Welcome to a unique fitness experience at the Foundry’s West London personal training gyms. Our North Kensington and Richmond locations are more than just workout spaces; they’re communities where fitness and lifestyle blend seamlessly.

Join us as we take a tour of our West London Personal Training Gyms, where fitness goals are achieved and exceeded, and every workout is an experience. Every member is part of a thriving fitness community.


Foundry Gyms West London


Foundry Gym North Kensington


Hi, I’m Aaron, the head coach. Today, I’ll guide you through our facilities. Let’s start our tour.

Reception and Amenities

Descending the stairs, you’ll enter our reception area, the starting point for your fitness journey. Here, you can check in for your session. We’ve equipped the area with a drinking water tap and complimentary coffee to energise you before workouts. Essential amenities like sweat towels and shower towels are also available.

Changing Facilities

Behind me are the changing facilities, with showers and products designed to refresh you post-workout.

Gym Floor and Equipment

Moving onto the gym floor, you’ll find our cardio equipment, perfect for warming up. This area is the hub for our classes and personal training sessions. Equipped with various tools, including barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells, it’s designed to cater to all your fitness needs. Our cool cardio kits further enhance your workout experience.

21 Day Challenge and Evaluation

A crucial part of our offering is the 21-Day Challenge, starting with a thorough evaluation. This process is vital as it helps us understand your fitness history and any injuries and address your questions. It’s our way of easing you into our community and tailoring your fitness journey.

Foundry Gym North Kensington

202-208 Kensal Road
W10 5BN


Foundry Gym Richmond


Join us as we explore the unique features of Foundry Richmond, guided by our dedicated coach. Upon arrival, the welcoming front desk ensures a smooth start to your visit.

Reception and Relaxation

The reception area is your gateway to the Foundry experience. You can store your belongings in lockers or use the nearby changing rooms. If you wish to unwind, enjoy a seat and a coffee, or if you prefer to start immediately, our cardio equipment is ready for you on the gym floor.

Functional Gym Floor

The gym floor at Richmond is designed for functionality and is not overcrowded with traditional gym equipment like treadmills and cross trainers. Instead, it offers a selection of cardio machines in a space optimised for practical, functional training. This approach supports various fitness goals, whether for daily activities or sports performance, without the intimidating atmosphere often found in gyms.

Emphasis on Functional Training

Our focus at Richmond is on functional training, which are exercises that prepare you for real-life activities. Whether playing with your children, engaging in sports, or staying active, our training is about building practical and practical strength.

Foundry Gym Richmond

1-2 Orchard Road
Richmond, London


Small Group Personal Training at Foundry

Foundry is redefining the personal training experience with its signature offering: small group personal training. This approach, unique to The Foundry, combines the benefits of individualised attention with the dynamism of group dynamics. Catering to groups of up to six people per coach, our members relish a blend of high-level coaching, science-backed programming, and an intimate group setting.

Why Small Group Personal Training?

Small group personal training offers a balance of personalised coaching and the motivational boost of working alongside peers. At Foundry, we aim to empower people to live their best lives in and out of the gym by setting the highest standards of small group personal training in West London.

At Foundry, we differentiate ourselves through our ethos and environment. Unlike conventional high-street gyms, we’ve crafted a space that inspires and energises. Our transformation from a typical gym setting to a more personalised and community-driven model includes:

  • Experienced coaching teams replacing inexperienced staff.
  • A community-driven model substituting the ‘pay and stay away’ approach.
  • Prioritising customer-centric and service-driven ideals over rigid rules.
  • Fostering an inclusive environment focusing on real people achieving real fitness goals.

Our philosophy revolves around several beliefs:

  • Strong is for Everyone:
    Whether it’s losing weight or improving overall fitness, strength is a foundational element.
  • Performance over Aesthetics:
    We focus on keeping joints healthy and ensuring proper movement.
  • Everyone is an Athlete:
    Our training programs encourage an athletic approach, emphasising functional movements.
  • No Fads or Gimmicks:
    Our approach is based on proven programs and methods.
  • Inclusivity in Fitness:
    We welcome a diverse range of members, each at different stages in their fitness journey.
  • Unbeatable Atmosphere:
    Our gym is free from oversized egos, promoting a friendly and supportive environment.

Joining Foundry isn’t just about accessing a gym; it’s about becoming part of a community. Our members enjoy:

  • Tailored programs based on individual evaluations.
  • A culture that promotes regular attendance and impressive retention rates.
  • A fun, supportive, and practical training environment.

The Foundry Personal Training Way

We understand the intimidation of entering a gym for the first time. That’s why we ensure a seamless transition into the world of fitness at Foundry. Our approach includes:

  • Open lines of communication and realistic goal setting.
  • A clear member journey with tangible goals based on our extensive experience.
  • Regular discussions about goal setting and nutrition.

We invite you to visit Foundry, meet our team, and experience our unique fitness and personal training approach. Whether your goal is to shed a few kilos, boost your fitness levels, or develop healthier habits, Foundry offers a welcoming and transformative environment. Join us in West London and start your journey towards a fitter, happier you with The Foundry’s small group personal training.


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