What is Hyrox? And is it right for you?

HYROX is the biggest indoor fitness event in the world. In 2022 alone, 25,000 people took part in four events across the country, and tickets can be like hens’ teeth to get hold of – with waiting lists stretching into the thousands last year. 

So what’s all the hype about? And despite claiming to be ‘a universally accessible race for every body’, just how accessible is it for the average fitness enthusiast? Take a glance at the official Instagram page and you’ll see it’s no walk in the park – but how hard is it, really – and is it worth a try for you?

Head of Education at Foundry, Tom Hamilton, gives us his expert take.

What is Hyrox?

The specific format and exercises vary, but in general it’s a pulse-raising combination of running (in 1km or 2km intervals) alternating with functional fitness exercises (think burpees, lunges, sled pushes, and rowing). There’s a short rest period between each running portion and fitness station to recover and prepare for the next challenge. In essence, it’s a timed competition: the goal is to complete everything as quickly as possible, with your final time constituting your score.

Who’s it suitable for?

With scaled-down distances and weights in the “singles beginner” category, HYROX is a good introduction to competitive fitness – and a fun way to inject some variety into your training schedule. It’s more accessible than many other similar competitions (think CrossFit) because it doesn’t require a high level of technical proficiency in advanced movements (like the Olympic lifts – the ‘snatch’, ‘clean’, etc).

That said, we recommend you have a solid six to 12 months’ of training under your belt before entering the arena, and competence and stability in the basic movements involved. It’s not a good shout for complete beginners to fitness, who could risk injury – and probably wouldn’t enjoy being ‘beasted’ in a public setting! 

Obligatory disclaimer: It’s important to assess your current fitness levels and any potential medical concerns before participating in Hyrox or any other high-intensity fitness competition. If you’re unsure whether it’s safe for you to participate, consult with your healthcare provider to get personalised advice.

Will I like it?

If you like running and cardio, and enjoy higher intensity class-style training, Hyrox will probably be a good match for you. There are four different categories to choose from, and the Doubles and Relay classes allow you to split the workload – and bring a buddy or a team to cheer you on. 

If you’re a member of a personal training gym like Foundry that focuses on functional fitness, you’ll already be familiar with a lot of the exercises and equipment. We’re taking several teams to Hyrox London later this month to get in on the action and add some variety to our training schedule. We also recently hosted HYROX P’F’T, with more to follow in the coming months (The P’F’T is the mini HYROX event, giving you a taste of the movements, the buzz, and the format – but with the duration dialed down by over 50%).

Who will be there?

The people at a Hyrox competition are an eclectic mix of fitness enthusiasts, from seasoned athletes to beginners looking to try something new. You’ll find people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels, united in their love of high-intensity functional fitness. There’s a great atmosphere of community and camaraderie – lots of cheering, high-fiving, and triumphant hugging after completing a particularly challenging station.

And when you finally cross that finish line, you feel like a superhero – exhausted, but incredibly proud of what you accomplished. So if you’re up for a challenge and want to push yourself to the max, give Hyrox a try. Just be prepared for sore muscles and some serious sweating!

At Foundry, we believe that exercise should be more than just another chore on your ‘to-do’ list. As well as a supportive community to have your back when the going gets tough, we have a calendar of events, socials, and challenges throughout the year to keep things fresh – take a look at what’s on in 2023 here.

New to the Foundry Way? Check out what we’re all about here.


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