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Protein Pancake Breakfast Recipe

It’s all over the news at the moment about kids eating half of their sugar allowance at breakfast with all of the high sugar cereals available. This is probably true with a lot of adults too; cereals, muffins, pastries are huge on-the-go breakfast options.

Here’s a quick and simple breakfast recipe that is healthy and full of protein…the kids will love it too!


1 whole egg

2 egg whites

1 small ripe banana


Mash the banana and crack the eggs in it, stirring until the mixture is combined.

Heat a greased griddle or frying pan on medium heat and pour about a 2.5-inch wide puddle of the batter.

Delicately flip the pancake after about 25 seconds or when it browns. The recipe makes 3-4 small pancakes.

Enjoy this, check out more recipes online.

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