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A Simple Approach to Fighting Off the Dad-Bod

Believe us, we know it’s no easy feat to consistently achieve at the highest level in your career, whilst juggling life commitments as a parent and trying to squeeze in a social life.

Meet Chris, our Ops Director. His attitude to his own training has completely changed going into his 40’s…

Chris explains how he now uses his training to empower him to feel better, physically and mentally, in order to live out his life to the fullest as a dad and in work.

Tip: Aiming for Perfection is Setting Yourself up to Fail

At Foundry, we appreciate your time is precious. That’s why we feel so passionately that a traditional gym is not the right solution for you. You’ll never reach your goals if hiding at the back of a class, or worse, stuck on a cross trainer not really knowing what you’re doing.

When it comes to your fitness, let’s be frank. We don’t expect you to live like a monk. Aiming for perfection is setting yourself up to fail. Training like an athlete isn’t necessary for your average person. And a six-pack physique is neither a sustainable or enjoyable way of life for you, right?

Introducing our 90/10 Rule, the ethos we live and breathe by at W10. Simply, if 90% of what you are eating is made up of the ‘good’ stuff, you’ve got some wiggle room with the other 10% to enjoy yourself (and have that burger and chips on a weekend with friends). After all, life is for living, right?

How to Fit Fitness into an Already Busy Lifestyle

Our coaches are constantly asked “what is the most effective fitness plan to achieve results?” The answer is simple: it’s the one you’ll enjoy and stick to for the long-run.

We know you don’t have hours to dedicate to training each week, and need flexibility around the times you train. That’s why we’ve built a model that works. All we ask is for you to show up for 50 minutes, 3 times a week, and our science-backed approach will guarantee that you become a fitter, healthier version of yourself. We don’t believe in gruelling regimes or crash diets, which is why our members stay with us for an average of 26 months (some up to 10 years!)

Chris praises W10’s flexible schedule as a lifesaver for him; with sessions running on the hour, every hour, it ensures he never misses a workout, whatever pops up in his diary.

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of personal training in London.


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