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Interval Training for Fat Loss

Short, sharp bursts have proved more effective for fat loss.
The argument about traditional steady-steady cardio vs higher intensity interval training is still gathering momentum!  Should we go more slowly for longer or is it more beneficial to go faster in short bursts?

Have a read of this interesting article from the Sydney Morning Herald sent to us via one of our previous members who has since moved to sunnier climates.

For fat loss, we advocate the shorter sharper bursts over the long steady plod.  Why?  Because given the research to date, peoples common fat loss goal, the time constraints most people face, and perhaps most importantly the results we’ve seen, interval training has proved more effective.

Interval training has certainly proved more time efficient.  It’s of course difficult to rationalise the notion that you can burn more fat by working for a fraction of the time, but it’s all about something known as EPOC, or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Long story short, when you work at a higher intensity, it’s not just the metabolic acceleration of the workout itself, but the increased Metabolic Training: What It Is And How To Do Itmetabolic rate for several hours after the workout is completed.  (You burn more calories for longer!).  You do not get the same benefits from steady-state cardio training.

Our conclusion……work harder for a far shorter period of time!

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