Look Mum, No Hands! Meet Reiss Beckford, Coach and ex-Gymnast

Defying gravity comes easy to Reiss, as an ex-Commonwealth gymnast who has competed at (quite literally) the highest level.

At W10 (Merged with Foundry), we pride ourselves on our world-class coaching team, and with our famous community being so important to us, we even put our coaches through the 30-day trial as a member before they start, just to ensure they are the perfect fit for us… So Reiss comes highly approved!

Hear his incredible story through 20 years of gymnastics: –

Working with his Idol

Growing up, Reiss idolised Kaj, now one of our world-class coaches at W10, who was competing as an elite gymnast at the time. Kaj went on to tour and perform, swinging from the ceilings with Cirque du Soleil, before discovering his passion for nurturing others and joining their coaching team. Going on to become a coach at W10, where he helps people often brand new to fitness to rediscover their mojo and get in shape, Kaj reached out to Reiss to join the W10 community… And the rest is history.

Coming from a highly structured and regimented world focused on fine margins with very little wiggle room, Reiss is thoroughly enjoying adapting to the 90/10 rule; our training manifesto at W10. We believe in balance, and want you to be able to enjoy your life. We appreciate that you’re not an athlete, and just want to shift some weight, build your confidence, and enjoy your training. That’s why we encourage you to train with us for just 50 minutes three times a week and stick to a healthy diet (most of the time) to allow you to enjoy yourself guilt-free.

Think you’re not the type of person who has a Personal Trainer? Think again.

We all need help to kick-start and maintain a new habit if it’s going to stick. Combine the attention of PT with the buzz of training in a community of people just like you… And you’ve got Small Group PT! You’ll hit your physical goals, smash your personal barriers, and come out the other side with new energy. Piece of cake.

Our mission is to help people live their best lives outside of the gym by providing the best possible standards of personal fitness training in the gym.


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