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When The Honeymoon Period at the Gym Is Over

If you have ever wavered in your commitment to the gym, trust me you’re not the only one and you’re certainly not alone. It is completely normal to have dips in motivation when it comes to working out.

This is why I’m sharing the following testimonial.

Perhaps it will ring true for you and help you get back on the fitness band-wagon…

Here is a topic rarely mentioned in the forum of fitness and training – ‘The Blip’

Certainly something I suffer from and possibly one of the biggest gym attendance killers of all time. What happens when a client goes off the boil, looses their mojo, lacks motivation, or just plain can’t be assed anymore?

In my case I start casting around for excuses; training is exhausting, it takes too much time out of my day, they don’t really understand my needs – put bluntly, the honeymoon period is well and truly over. While it is quite natural to start a program on a high, full of good intentions and ready to see results. The reality for me is that training is hard, it does take time out of my day, and it can get boring (Is it me or are TGU’s the most boring exercise of all time?) Results take time and require a level of dedication I personally find hard to stick to.

At this point in my (long and chequered) gym history I slink off, duck down and quietly cancel my gym membership, although, probably not before I have paid for a couple of months of no shows. I then have to admit I am kidding myself and I am not going back. Due to in no small part to embarrassment, not wanting to face the training walk of shame.

But not this time, or at least not yet! Thanks to the way W10 is set up, you guys actually noticed I had been slacking off, and more importantly got in touch. Contrary to making me feel bad you listened to me and modified my program to a level that I feel comfortable with.

So maybe I won’t have the perfect body. But the truth is I have worked hard over the past 9 months, my jeans do fit better, and I have better muscle tone. It would be a massive downer to loose all that because of a couple of bad weeks. Not to mention a huge waste of money”.

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