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Our Version of Huevos Rancheros: A Healthy and Simple Recipe

Winter has officially arrived and as fun as the party season is, let’s face it, sometimes you would just prefer a cosy night in with some comfort food.

Heres a take on the Mexican breakfast dish, Huevos Rancheros, which I like to cook as quick and delicious dinner as well.

Huevos rancheros (makes a great breakfast/brunch or dinner)


Serves 2

Coconut oil
Eggs X 3
1 pot of tinned or chopped tomatoes
1/2 onion
2 gloves of garlic
1 fresh chilli
1 red pepper
4/6 good quality sausages (any preference)
Handful of grated mature cheddar
Salt, pepper, cumin for seasoning


Fry a teaspoon of coconut oil in a large sauce pan.

Fry off the onion and garlic, once browned add the sausages finely chopped, roughly 3 cms thick.

Brown the sausages and add pepper, chilli and any other veg you fancy (fresh tomatoes or mushrooms work well too)

Fry for 1 min then pour in the tinned tomatoes, season with cumin and salt and pepper. Cook on a moderate heat for 5mins.

Then grab a spoon and make 3 small indentations in the mixture so you can see the bottom of the pan, crack the eggs and individually poor them into the holes.

Simmer for 3 mins then place under the grill and cook until the egg whites have turned solid, sprinkle cheese on top, place the pan on a heat prof mat and enjoy straight from the oven, no plates needed – a great way to share food together. You can also dip sweet potato wedges or toasted pitta bread into the dish if your fancy a bit more substance.

Enjoy this, check out more recipes online.

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