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Jeans Challenge: The Results

A couple of weeks ago we drew the curtain on the very first Jeans Challenge – our bid to help six women cast away those scales and judge results by fitting into that pair of jeans…..

And we’re pleased to report that the Challenge was a huge success!  (Excuse the tardy summary post – August is a month of downtime for us!).

All of our challengers radically changed their body shape and got into the jeans they previously could not wear.  For some that was a flat stomach and one jeans size, for others is was a quite staggering two dress sizes, some in six, some in eight weeks!  (Perhaps those guys tucked away in that Ladbroke Grove gym do know a thing or few about getting women into the best shape of their life after all……).

This was the first time we’d run our Jeans Challenge (which is why we limited it to six women) and although we ticked every box in terms of our challengers getting into their jeans, we also learned plenty -all of which we can improve on next time, for even better results.  (For example, further Jeans Challenges will be run over eight weeks.  Six weeks definitely works in terms of results, but it’s too tiring for most women to do it in).

Above all else, we learned that six to eight weeks is most definitely a realistic timescale for women to drop a dress or two. These women can also not only get dramatically leaner in this time, but they can also get seriously fitter and stronger at the same time.  Leaner, fitter and stronger in only six to eight weeks you say?  Sounds like a decent program to me….!

In fact, in one case, Meg managed it in sightly less than five weeks…..

Megs Jean Challenge - W10 Personal Training Gym

Congratulations to Meg, one of our Jeans Challengers, who slipped into ‘those’ jeans this morning after only five weeks (Last minute work commitments have cut Meg’s time short unfortunately).


In Meg’s own words:

“Despite having to cut short my challenge short by a week they still managed to eek out a 6% drop in my body fat, inch loss across the board and a kilo or two of weight loss to boot! More importantly (for me at least), was that I have never felt stronger and it was definitely the fittest I have been since… high school – which is to far back in the dark ages to count”.

Already exercising regularly and getting nowhere?  Time for a change – worked for Meg.


Selina Jeans Challenge - W10 Personal Training Gym

Shout to Selina who had her final measurements this morning…..she got into her jeans (comfortably!).


In Selina’s own words:

“I have had such a great time at the gym with you guys.  I love the gym and the experience has genuinely been life-changing. I don’t think I will be able to justify eating crappy food again.  I feel really good – no aches and pains at all in my body. I have always had this constant gentle ache in my shoulder region but it has really died down now.  It’s been amazing”.

A flat stomach?  And without a single sit up or crunch?  Worked for Selina.


In Marianne’s own words:

“The Jeans Challenge was an exhausting shock to the system but I loved it and can’t believe the difference in my body in just six weeks. I lost 8lbs and 9 per cent of my body fat. Jeans that I could not do up are now fitting comfortably – in fact one friend says they are too loose! My hips are much narrower, I can see my jawline for the first time in years and my tummy is almost flat. It’s brilliant”.

Never been to the gym before?  No problem – Marianne hadn’t either.


In Sarah’s own words:

“I would like to say a big thank you to JC and his team. First I have lost 8-10% if of my body fat and about 1 Kilo in weight, and I am now much happier with my shape. I have to say at times it really was hard, I am not a gym bunny but now I am stronger fitter and happier. I am very happy to have been able to take part in the challenge and I would recommend to anybody who gets the chance”.

Chronic knee problems confining you to the cross trainer?  It needn’t, it didn’t for Sarah.


In Sara’s own words:

“My stats speak for themselves: Circa 13% body fat loss & over 9kg’s of weight loss in 6 weeks.  This was more a revolution than a challenge for me! On the all or nothing scale I veer heavily towards all.  Go big or go home is a maxim I’ve lived by in my professional life for over a decade but had never been able to successfully translate it to physical exercise so this jeans challenge was perfect for me.  I used jeans bought in NY nearly 3 years ago which were a good 2 sizes too small and within 6 weeks I was in them.  Quite unbelievable”.

Eight weeks, two jeans sizes lost?  Worked for Sara.


We’re missing pictures of our sixth challenger (operations issue – p*ss poor organisation! – on the camera front), but needless to say that Amanda’s hard work paid off and she lost more than 10% body fat en route to getting into her jeans.


In Amanda’s own words:

“The jeans challenge was great as it gave me a goal to focus on and every week I felt stronger and stronger. The training initially was to gain strength in my back and to do exercises that strengthened the weaker muscles so that I could move onto metabolic exercises after the first few weeks. The training was also varied so there was no time to get bored with the same exercise routine day after day and the trainers at W10 really kept you on track and motivated you to keep going. It was also great to be training with other women as you didn’t feel like you were alone in the challenge and you were all striving for the same goal. I would recommend the jeans challenge to anyone who wants to increase their fitness, lose weight, reach a specific fitness goal or they just want to fit into ‘that’ pair of jeans. I know that at the end of the 8 week challenge that I did! I lost two dress sizes, my back pain was significantly reduced and my legs were stronger than ever. Thank you to everyone at W10 who worked with me through the 8 weeks. Much appreciated!”

Lose two dress sizes and significantly reduce back pain in eight weeks?  Amanda did both.


So what did learn?  Well, we learned that our approach works.  Very effectively.  Our belief that women should exercise beyond the constraints of what mainstream media and ‘celebrity’ trainers would have them confined to was reinforced – to both us and them.  Not one of our women ‘bulked up’, not one of them looked ‘chunky’ or ‘manly’ as a result of our womens fitness training program.  (We think you’ll agree that our pictures show the opposite).  But yet all of our women got leaner, stronger and fitter; doing zero traditional cardiovascular training, lifting weights (and yes, they were above 3kg’s!) and following non calorie restricted diet!

Beyond that, we also tracked everything that we did so that we could measure how effective our approach was.  In all honesty, we knew it would yield results, but the aim of the game was and is, to provide women with a refreshingly honest kick-start to their long term health and fitness program.  Something we’re now determined to move forward and reach out to as many women as possible.

The results this time were very impressive.  But given the extras we now know, next time, they’ll be even better!  (The next challenge will be run over eight weeks starting in October – see below for details).


We are now registering interest for our next Jeans Challenge.  The start date is the 17th October 2011 – in time for Christmas party season (without encroaching into it!).  More information will be posted on our refreshed website in the next week or so.

Cards on the table:  This Jeans Challenge is not for everyone.  Our approach will accommodate any level of fitness/previous gym experience, but the eight weeks are challenging.  You will need to bring commitment and a sense of humour to the table.  We’ll bring the rest, but you need to keep up you end of the bargain!

(We’re a busy facility and places will therefore be limited to twelve women.  And we will only enter into partnership with those who are serious about their program.  It’s otherwise unfair on those who are serious about making a change.  That, and it’s no good for our reputation! ;-).  If you’re keen we’d love to hear from you).


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