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Jeans Challenge Week 3

Two weeks down, four to go!

So thats two weeks down and four more to go in our bid to get six regular women into ‘that’ pair of jeans in just six weeks.

We retested everyone at the end of last week and we had some pretty stellar results.  You can see the change in everyone.  The average weight loss was over 5lbs and more importantly the average number of millimetres pinched under the callipers (the true indication of fat loss) was just under 40mm.  To put this into perspective, thats somewhere in the region of 4-5% body fat lost PER PERSON in just two weeks!  Pretty damn impressive.

The first two weeks we’re about setting some kind of structural foundations. Remember that four of these women were not currently exercising, and three of them are carrying either chronic knee or back complaints which need to be factored in and programmed around.  In most cases, we had to include some much needed hip and shoulder stability work, as well as some mobility work (particularly in the ankles and mid-back areas).  A combination of increased mobility and stability going into phase two will allow us to push the guys a little more, but keep the quality of movement.  Despite condensing several weeks into two, we’ve had great results in this area and everyone is moving pretty well.

Over the weekend we gave the guys a much needed ‘one night only’ pass, where they could indulge in the things they had excluded for the two weeks previously.  (As you can imagine, some ‘indulged’ more than others!)  But now we’re into week three and it’s back in the game for ten more days…..

Week three brings a new challenge.  We can now spend a little less time on mobility and stability exercises (we will obviously keep some in), but the resistance training and metabolic parts of the program become more challenging.  The resistance (weights) increase as the repetitions drop, in an attempt to increase strength levels.  And the metabolic work (cardio) becomes slightly more intense.  It’s the same four hour weekly commitment, only we’ll be squeezing more out of the sessions!

Our ladies personal training sessions this week have gone well – it’s amazing what one night of more relaxed living does for enthusiasm!  Everyone has found their progressed programs more challenging, but they know they can do it and they can see the benefits of the two weeks we have spent previously.

The same nutritional guidelines and slightly more challenging training – watch this space…..


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