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Jeans Challenge Week 2

One week down, five to go!

Week two of the six week jeans challenge got under way yesterday with five of the six women training first thing.  Most had the weekend off training completely after and fairly challenging first week.  So everyone came back in refreshed and certainly a little less achey than when they left on Friday!

Week one was challenging.  Four of these women had not been exercising previously.  So although the program is progressive over the six weeks, three resistance training sessions is still a reasonably big leap.  It’s worth remembering also that three of these women also have chronic joint problems which they’ve been protecting for several years (decades in one case!) so aches and pains were inevitable as we stirred the hornets nest in an attempt to re-align, re-educate and strengthen these areas – before we move into the true fat burning phases of the program.

Week two sees the same programs as week one, with more resistance (weight) and in some cases volume (sets).  This week is probably not as tough as week one in terms of training – as they’ve already been exposed to whats coming their way – but nutritionally it will be tough.  Six weeks is an unreasonable timescale to see significant fat loss in females.  So the nutritional program needs to be fairly rigid.  We’ve already seen a couple of deviations from the guidelines over the weekend, so it will be interesting to see where everyone comes out when the cravings kick in this week!

All the guys we’re great last week.  To a person they came in with a smile on their face (well, to almost every session anyway!) and approached their fitness training with determination and a sense of humour .  More of the same this week please!



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