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Jeans Challenge Week 6

Into Week 6

So we’re into week 6 of the Jeans Challenge, our mission to help six women get into ‘that’ pair of jeans.

Last week we said goodbye to Meg who finished her challenge early due to work commitments, and…..she got into her jeans!  Meg was previously a size 28″ waist and was comfortably into a 26″ by the end of the fifth week – job done.  Despite previously training four times per week, this is something she hadn’t managed to do for over ten years or so!

Megs Jean Challenge - W10 Personal Training Gym

We’ll post full background and stories once everyone has finished, but needless to sat that we’re pleased for Meg.  One down, five to go.

For the remaining five ladies, there’s still some training to be done and some nutritional guidelines to follow.  Three of them finish on Monday next week (just one more weekend!) and the final two, two weeks after that – making eight weeks in total (we wanted to see what different timescales and training frequency etc made to the end results).

This weeks our womens fitness training has unsurprisingly been full of commitment, spurred on somewhat by Meg’s achievement no doubt, and we’re looking forward now to see what Monday brings for three more of our challengers…..


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