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Jeans Challenge

Last week saw the start of our Jeans Challenge.  Six women doing a six week training and nutrition program in a quest to get into ‘those’ jeans.  The challenge is to condense our sixteen week fat loss blueprint into six weeks in an attempt to help these women drop a dress size (in some cases two) in just four hours per week over six weeks.

 No gimmicks and no fad dieting.  Just honest training, conscientious nutrition and appropriate rest and recovery strategies.

So why are we doing the Jeans Challenge again?

Two reasons

Firstly, we want to show that our approach will work for women as well as men.  Resistance training, intense cardiovascular training and adequate protein and fat diets are not for men only.  They work extremely well for women.  Women’s fitness extends way beyond calorie counting/cutting and traditional slow steady state cardiovascular training, done for an hour six days per week.  It can be more ‘fun’, it can be much more time efficient and it can be a hell of a lot more effective.  Don’t believe most of what you read.  The way women’s fitness is being done is changing and we want to show the way.

And secondly, we want to show that ‘real’ people can see results in a relatively short period of time – by simply following a well structured exercise and nutrition program.  We haven’t picked six injury free, seasoned gym-goers who can exercise at a level which is beyond most (that would be to easy!).

It would probably have been prudent of us to find six genetically blessed and previously very fit women and get them ‘back’ into shape.  But that’s not what we’re trying to show here.  Four of these ladies didn’t currently exercise at all.  None of these women have previously done any resistance training. Two are carrying chronic back injuries.  And one has a knee problem that prevents her from doing almost all lower body exercises. Not super-fit women by any stretch of the imagination.  We haven’t made it easy, that’s not the point.

So what are we expecting from these six weeks?  We think we can help every one of these women drop a dress size.  In fact we’re reasonably confident that we can help some of them lose two.  We ran a similar program over eight weeks last year and out of the twelve women who did this, eleven dropped two dress sizes.  This was twelve months ago and we were less savvy about advertising our results back then.

This time its different.  We want to help these women get the results their efforts deserve and we want to show other women that training approaches and gyms like ours are not just for the guys.  Let’s see where the next six weeks takes us…..


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