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Jeans Challenge Week 7

Thumbs up to a 100% success rate!

We’re now well into Week 7 of the Jeans Challenge – our bid to help six women get into ‘that’ pair of jeans.  And..**ALL OF OUR CHALLENGERS ARE INTO THEIR JEANS….. AFTER ONLY SIX WEEKS!!**

All of our ladies have achieved what they started out to do.  For some thats a jeans size, for others it’s two.  No matter, they’ve all been successful!  And it’s no more than six weeks of dedication, purposeful graft (and a continued sense of humour!) deserve.

Watch this space  when in a couple of weeks we’ll be putting together the full story, complete with input from all of our challengers, once the full eight week program is complete.  In the meantime, we’ve posted a couple of pictures and brief stories on our Facebook page to whet the appetite.

We started with six women, three embarking on a six week program and three committing to eight weeks (we needed to be able to guarantee results over a determined timeframe, and wanted six and eight week real world stories), so we now have three women left, with two weeks to go.  Everyone is into their jeans, but lets see what the next two weeks add.

The results from this Jeans Challenge have been impressive (and thats despite still having two weeks to go!).  In fact, we’re already very excited about starting our Autumn Jeans Challenge!  More details to follow, but the start date will be the 10th October and we’ll be accepting a limited intake of twenty women (we already have two!).

Lets see where weeks seven and eight take us…… Watch this space for the full write up, individual stories and amazing results!

(To register you interest in our autumn Jeans Challenge please contact us at info@w10performance.com or visit our Gym in West London).


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